BREAKING: Fitchburg Planned Parenthood Shuts Down


This past week, the abortuary in Fitchburg run by Planned Parenthood and forty miles outside Boston, closed. 

Despite raucous claims of being a key provider of women's healthcare in Massachusetts and beyond, this facility and most others serve to perform abortions. Inconvenient? Not to the women and children who enter Planned Parenthood looking for care, and get a sales pitch for killing their preborn son or daughter. Yet in hearings on S1209/H3320 ("An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Access to Abortion In MA"), NARAL and Planned Parenthood representatives repeatedly decried the restrictions and hardships involved for women desperately seeking abortions in the state.

This is why, they argued, we need to legalize abortion up-to-birth for any reason, remove parental consent for minors seeking abortion, and cut the part of our law that ensures women are treated in hospitals by an MD during the grueling sometimes 3-day late-term abortion procedure.

But are adults obstacles?

In a state with perhaps the best healthcare in the nation, and leading healtchare in the world, are hospitals obstacles?

Not obstacles to the safety of our women, or of our girls. 

But both are obstacles to Planned Parenthood's profit margin, since abortions form the majority of their services and cash-flow.

The closure of the Fitchburg abortion facility speaks volumes about two facts. First, the massive movement to protect life and provide authentic care and respect for women here in Massachusetts has made an impact. Second, Massachusetts is not suffering from a lack of access to abortion, or a desperate need for more.

We are desperately -- and gladly -- finding real care; real health; and real women and citizens. We do not need healthcare that demands we accept killing on the same consent document that we sign for pap smears. We do not need an organization that balances women's equality on the "right" to radically disenfranchise preborn people.

We want truth, health, and care. No matter what.

That's why Fitchburg closed.

And that's why we oppose the unnecessary and dangerous provisions in S1209/H3320 ("ROE" Act).

As the letter states above, "if you're interested in continuing to receive..." healthcare, but not violations of your medical safety, or the deaths of preborn people, check out these health facilities nearby. They do provide care, from STD testing to adoption aid, from pap smears to wellness exams and pregnancy tests.


CLEARWAY CLINIC - 358 Shrewsbury St. Suite C, Worcester, MA 01604

STD testing, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds


NOTE: contraceptive options offered; also, STD testing, women's health exams, HIV, pregnancy tests

FIRST CONCERN CENTER - 91 Main St. Suite #101
Marlborough, MA 01752

pregnancy testing, ultrasound referrals, and STD treatment referrals 

CareNet Center - 515 Main Street, Suite #1000, FITCHBURG, MA

pregnancy tests, obstetrical ultrasounds, 
options counseling, pregnancy classes,
childbirth education classes, parenting classes, post-abortion resources


Continue to call the Joint Committee on the Judiciary THIS week

asking them to reject the dangerous provisions in s1209/h3320.

We do not need laws that promote abortion profits and expansion at the expense of our women's lives, our children's safety,

and our Massachusetts' longstanding values in healthcare.

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