MCFL's staff and trained activists are available to speak with your community via digital media (video or conference call) to give you the information and tools to influence our legislators and mobilize our communities for life. Right now, we strongly encourage you to call the Joint Committee on the Judiciary by using this link and ask them to oppose this bill.


One of the most important actions that you, a Massachusetts citizen for life, can take is to contact your legislators to support or oppose legislation. Whether it’s an email to your state representative, a phone call to your Senator, visiting the local office for your Congressman, or stopping by Beacon Hill to lobby your state senator in person, showing your elected representatives that you have an opinion on how he or she should vote is vital to the pro-life cause.

That said here are the best ways to lobby your elected officials, in order of influence:

  1. Visit to their office or office hours in the district
  2. Phone call
  3. Letter sent through USPS
  4. Fax
  5. Email

Once you know your elected officials and their contact information, learn about your role in the legislative process in Mass. and how you can be most effective in it.

If You Know Your Elected Officials

If you know the names of your state and federal elected officials, you can use the following links to go directly to contact information:

Find Your Legislator

If you do not know who your elected officials are for your state and federal districts, we have several tools you can use. If you use Facebook and have entered your home address into your profile, they have a useful tool at http://www.facebook.com/townhall that will show your state representative, senator, lieutenant governor and governor as well as US representative, US Senators, vice president and president (if they have Facebook Pages), allowing you to follow them on Facebook and even contact them via various means.


Search for your representative's name (for example: @AnneGobi or @AlanSilvia) once you've found out who they are. Tweeting is an effective and speedy way to interact with your legislator online.

Secretary of the Commonwealth
A more comprehensive list of election information can be found at the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s web site WhereDoIVoteMA.com. When you enter your home address, the site returns your Ward and Precinct information, city or town clerk contact information, and a complete list of state and federal elected officials with quick links to their web sites and/or contact information.

By Districts (State)
If you know your Massachusetts Senate and/or House district, but not your legislator’s name, you can find them by the following alphabetical listings:

You can find their contact information at the above link.


Find a List of All Legislators Who Have Not Supported the "ROE" Act,  S.1209/H.3320

This link here will guide you to a list, as well as recommended phone scripts, to contact the house and senate members who have not sponsored the 2019 bill legalizing infanticide and endangering our women.

Find a List of All of the Sponsors of the "ROE
 Act, S.1209/H.3320

This link here will take you to a list of the current sponsors of the radically anti-life bill, S.1209, and also provides their phone numbers.