Election 2020 - Where Do Our Candidates Stand on Life?

This page links to candidate records and statements regarding positions on abortion and euthanasia, and other life issues.

We focus on records and actions, and recommend that all of our members put principles before parties or personalities when they go to vote in November. 


presidential endorsement

Which Mainstream Presidential Candidate is Pro-Life?

MCFL's Federal Political Action Committee, which is a separate entity from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, but dedicated to endorsing pro-life candidates, endorsed President Donald J. Trump on his reelection bid for President. 

Mike Pence Leads Vice-Presidential Debate with, "I'm Pro-Life"

Read for details on Pence and Harris, and a summary of the debate.

Biden VP Pick Exposes Abortion Extremism

Kamala Harris's record as attorney general in California demonstrates she will defy justice, and the Constitution, to support Planned Parenthood.

Democratic Candidate For President, Joe Biden, Leaves No Room for Pro-Life Democrats in His Camp

Joe Biden, in word and action, refuses to concede there might ever be a place for pro-life democrats in his camp.


Through their proven track record, these candidates show themselves as champions of human life and rights in our state.


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