Pro-Life Communication? It Isn't Complicated, But Stephanie Gray Shows You How

Stephane Gray has been defending preborn lives since she was a child. She began speaking as an 18 year old, and that pro-life action lead her to found Love Unleashes Life and an international speaking career. She makes effective, loving, and compelling communication in defense of our most vulnerable look easy. But the truth is, the principle that human lives have value is simple, but defending that reality, and the preborn children in our world, is far from easy.

Gray will headline our sponsored virtual debate hosted by Harvard Right to Life on Thursday, October 22 at 7PM (register here).  

"There are more people working full time to kill [preborn children] in the world today than to save them," Scott Klusendorf told Gray early on.

The fact that more people were professionally employed to take a child's life in our society than to care for them convicted Gray to the core.

After decades using communication to change our culture and society, what can Gray teach us?

This recording produced by Shalom World  featuring Gray walks you through the basic questions raised, from the so-called hard questions (rape, incest) to the basic presuppositions we must challenge before we begin a dialogue. Most importantly, it highlights the fact that effective communication always begins with respect and love. Human beings are complex, and we come to public square with both our heads and our hearts. With 1 out 3 millennial children aborted, nearly everyone you meet will have a personal experience of abortion violence, not simply an intellectual understanding -- or misunderstanding -- of it.

To be effective communicators, we must build relationships, not arguments alone.

Finally, this recording raises the knotty philosophical idea of "personhood" -- and Gray's reply is invaluably clear. This question will also come up in our debate on Thursday. Don't miss that fantastic opportunity to see and hear Gray live.

Until then, watch Shalom World's  feature on Gray's personal story, and the remarkable description of how she approaches and answers every pro-life debate.

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