To be an effective pro-lifer in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the pro-life organization in Massachusetts. We serve as the political, legislative, educational, and organizational voice for the pro-life cause in the Commonwealth. You can become involved at a variety of levels by joining as a member, attending events, donating to support our work, and spreading the word about what we do. Our goal is to help our membership be an effective voice in their communities and to effect positive change.

Regardless of how you choose to get involved, our goal is to provide the resources and opportunity for you to make a difference.

Beginning & End of Life

Educational Resources

We know that knowledge is a key part of this fight. To that end we are making available our growing online library of Life related information to anyone who cares to see it. Get educated.

Student Resources

Young people are key to the pro-life cause and we offer a number of opportunities for them to get informed and get active.


We offer links to a variety of educational and informative videos.

Have Us Come Speak to Your Group

Our MCFL Speakers Bureau can provide speakers to all kinds of groups from youth to adults on a wide range of topics.