Doctor-Prescribed Suicide becomes legal in Hawaii

Hawaii map

By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The Governor of Hawaii has signed the law, making Hawaii the sixth state to legalize assisted suicide (plus the  District of Columbia). Hawaii has had more bills introduced to legalize assisted suicide than any other state, having defeated more than 40 bills over the past two decades. Compassion and Choices had virtually unlimited funds to spend in Hawaii and it was too much for our coalition to overcome.

To date, here are the bills/initiatives, besides Massachusetts, that have been defeated in  2018:

  • Connecticut:   HB 5417, bill died in committee
  • Indiana:  HB 1157, no action taken on the bill
  • Maine:  Petition campaign for a ballot initiative failed, wrong papers filed  
  • Nebraska:  LB 450, no action take on the bill
  • New Hampshire:  SB 490, bill to study end of life options, defeated in the Senate
  • Utah:   HB 210, no action taken on the bill
  • Wisconsin:  AB 216, SB 312, no action by either house

Ten states have passed bills to prohibit assisted suicide during the same time period that six states have voted to legalize, so we are ahead but can take nothing for granted.

The pro-lifers in Hawaii worked very hard...

Photo: MykReeve/Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

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