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List of Legislators Who Co-Sponsored S.1209

Quick Fact Sheet on S.1209 -- Infanticide Bill

Dear [elected official],

Thank you for carefully reviewing the provisions in the so-called “R.O.E Act,” also known as the expanded abortion bill. A thorough reading of this law clearly outlines how it would undo safety regulations for the women of our state who seek abortions; legalize passive infanticide by allowing doctors to deny medical care to infants born alive after botched abortions; and abandon girls as young as 13 to sexual predators by removing all adult consent and notification requirements.

As your constituent, I am grateful that you are leading the fight to protect equality and health care in our state.

But infanticide is not women's health care. And expanded, celebrated, unregulated abortion is not safe for our women and should not be legal.

Currently, we have common sense laws on our books, including parental consent and judicial bypass requirements for young women seeking abortions, and provisions that protect infants and adult women from medical hacks and "legal back alley" abortions. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s best health care institutions. Please help to ensure that we remain leaders in health, not in extremism or partisan battles that risk our vulnerable citizens' lives.

S.1209  legalizes killing an infant born alive after a failed abortion attempt. Is that safe, humane, or world-class health care?

S.1209 leaves our young girls at the mercy of abusers and criminals who use abortion as a tool to hide their crime (since it removes adult supervision of minors seeking abortion). Even proponents of this law admit that it is 13 and 14-year-old girls in abusive situations who "need the judicial bypass" removed. Why? Doing so does not protect them but adult and predator who has harmed them.

S.1209 further endangers our women, and minorities, by making the most risky of procedures, late-term abortions, permissible outside a hospital. The bill even  funds these procedures with our "Healthy Start" tax dollars.

We must do better than offering our most marginalized "back alley" abortions and paying for them with funds set aside to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

As a Massachusetts resident, it is my duty to act responsibly to prevent each of these scenarios. As an elected official, it is your job to do so, no matter the cost. This is the time to listen to your conscience.  

“Safe, legal, and rare” was the pro-choice position from the beginning. Never was the pro-life position. This law spits in the face of both “sides,” risks our women's lives, and legalizes killing infants born alive. I'm counting on you to review S.1209 carefully because, like me, your constituents absolutely oppose this extreme celebration of abortion: unsafe, extreme, and inhumane.

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