RECAP: Memorial & Demonstration for the Preborn at the State House

Hundreds of citizens gathered today on the State House steps, despite a Nor'easter the dumped sheets of rain on demonstration. Why were there out in frigid wind and pouring rain on a December weekend? 

This past couple of months, abortion lobbyists--having failed to convince the public or our lawmakers to approve of the "R.O.E" Act, underhandedly inserted it as an amendment to our state budget. Both state and house versions of the budget were approved; and the bill was reconciled by committee and sent to the governor's desk as section 40 of our annual state budget.

This section, a slightly repackaged "R.O.E.", has now --

  • made legal doctors allowing to die a baby born alive during an abortion
  • removed parental consent for underage girls entering an abortion clinic
  • removed all penalties in current law for violations of the law in regard to abortion; an abortionist cannot be prosecuted for harming the woman
  • expanded late-term abortions up to birth

These provisions directly contradict our national and state principles of protecting the vulnerable, defending individual human lives, and supplying the highest level of medical to patients regardless of their background or resources. Under these extreme abortion-promoting provisions, women like Melissa will be left to die. Under these provisions, women like Keisha Atkins will continue to be abused, used, and die from late-term abortionists like Curtis Boyd. Under these provisions, an abortion can be performed by any medical worker, without having a license or MD.

Who wouldn't rally in the hundreds and thousands to oppose "R.O.E."

The gathering included citizens from across the state.

Because, as Fernando--one of the many young demonstrators--said: "#SaveMABabies!"

As MCFL members, fellow pro-lifers, and citizens who would have identified as pro-choice under other circumsances, dropped roses on the steps, they asked Governor Baker: Please veto section 40.

Massachusetts can do better. Massachusetts deserves better.

To all of you who showed up in the driving rain, thank you.

To all of you who called tirelessly, sent letters, and posted on social media, thank you!




Thank you.



"We must participate, as citizens, inongoing activities to replace the discriminatory and lethal solution of abortion with support, love, and authentic equality,"  said C.J. Williams, MCFL director of community engagement, "And Governor Baker, thank you for opposing legislation that promotes violence, that removes authentic care, from our state law. We need to reject access over safety, and reject section 40."


Keep calling now through next week! 617 -725-4005. Ask him to veto section 40. 

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