Democrat Extremism on Display with Pain-Capable Unborn Child Legislation


George Will has risen to the occasion! His piece on the pain-capable unborn child legislation, “In Blocking Abortion Legislation, Democrats Will Display Their Extremism,” is one of the best overviews of the abortion situation to appear in a long time. He renders the issue in such stark terms that it makes you wonder that anyone can remain pro-abortion when it is so obviously wrong.

Getting a scientific answer to the pain question, even if it is “yes,” should gratify the Party of Science. If the answer is “yes,” those who think that fetal suffering is irrelevant can explain why they think that.

He notes that although the bill’s chances of passing the US Senate are small, it will at least have the effect of reminding the American voter that the so-called “Party of Science” actually rejects science as well as any sort of politics that isn’t divisive or extremist when it comes to abortion.

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