Religious Liberty Focus at CUA

Catholic University of America President Dean Garvey during a 2015 Religious Liberty Conference in Ohio

Catholic U. Law School Opens New Center for Religious Liberty

The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C., has established a new Center for Religious Liberty to educate students about protecting the fundamental right to religious freedom, according to the Washington Examiner.

The center will be led by CUA law school professor and Becket Fund Senior Counsel Mark Rienzi, who said at the inaugural event that addressing the legal questions related to religious liberty helps answer “how we deal with religious differences in a pluralistic society” and “how we learn to live together in light of our differences.”

In recent years, courts have seen an increase in the number of religious liberty cases, after the conscience rights of individuals or organizations have been ignored or trampled. These include the plethora of cases against the “HHS Mandate” and those filed by Christian business owners seeking the right to practice their faith within their own private business lives.

Of note: John Garvey, the President of Catholic University, who is leading the school to fulfill its mission, was very good to MCFL when he was Dean at BC Law. As he left for DC, he said he was leaving pro-life efforts in the good hands of MCFL.

Mark Rienzi is also no stranger to us and has spoken at numerous MCFL events. He'll be at Harvard Law in the fall and we hope to have him address the leaders of the pro-life movement once again.

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