COVID-19: What to expect in the next months

To our members and advocates for life,

We understand that many of you continue to be concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19). As Massachusetts slowly reopens, and orients to a "new normal," it is our commitment to put our utmost into meeting our mission while respecting public health and moving with care.

 Our lobby days have been rescheduled for next session, but we continue to advocate for the unborn through email and phone calls.  Please consider joining our weekly callbanks, however, in opposition the the "ROE" Act.  You can join us daily! Take your 1:00 o'clock hour and dedicate it to "the one" whose voice is removed by unjust laws. Right now, that will be individual women, whose healthcare will be reduced by the "ROE" Act, and their unborn children, who won't even be provided care if they are aborted late-term and survive the procedure. Call the judiciary committee and sign the petition to say no to "ROE" here. Email CJ  ( for instructions or to set up a virtual call-party with fellow members or friends.

Uur Mother's Day Dinner featuring Dr. Alveda King will be postponed.

Please also look ahead to the MCFL Annual Gala, which has been scheduled for September 17th, 2020 online for the first time ever.

At this point, we still plan to hold the Massachusetts March for Life, on November 7th.

You may also join fellow members in safely social-distanced advocacy outside the abortion centers in our state. Social-distanced sidewalk advocacy is critical while abortion businesses continue to target vulnerable women and abort babies in Massachusetts despite the risk of COVID transmission.

We look forward to your participation, and support and your feedback and questions as we transition to the virtual.

If anything additional changes, and we believe your safety is at risk, we will be in touch with more updates on our outreach and advocacy. But social distancing does not mean distancing from supporting, educating, or being available to those we serve and protect.

Your health and safety, along with the health and safety of the little ones we seek to protect, is our top priority.

For additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team by email.

Stay safe, savvy, and remember that even if you're settled at home away from the virus, take that 1:00 o'clock hour and call and email our lawmakers using this easy to follow call script.

Yours for the most vulnerable,

C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement

Massachusetts Citizens for Life


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