A Faith-Based Contradiction, & Radical Pro-Life Consistency

by C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement, MCFL


A religious faith is not necessary to the individual position that abortion is wrong. But the Christian tenet that human lives are inimitable, imago dei, and irrepeatably precious, certainly seems like a good faith-based foundation for it. 

So what are many good apparently faith-rooted ministers doing opposing pro-life laws, and speaking out in favor of taking a vulnerable human life?

This is one great puzzle our Board Chairman explores in his recent article published in The Society of Saint Sebastian.

In Creation or Corruption, Dr. J. David Franks leads with the recent pastoral push against the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. 

“I will not stand here idly and let them strip away the rights of women and others in our state to make the right decisions for them and their families," he quotes a UCC Minister. And follows this remark with his own insightful remark:

How did we get to a place in which Christians could think following the slaughtered Lamb compatible with slaughtering the most powerless children?

We could just as well ask of our secular society which is based on the precepts of common ground, equality, and the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness...

How did we as a nation go from being and protecting the marginalized, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, to slaughtering the smallest and most voiceless?

How did we as a society get to a place in which human beings think equality can be compatible with killing? 

Ultimately, Dr. Franks summarizes the insane dichotomy in a conclusion that fits both faith-based and secular reasoning for universal human rights: Abortion is a radical act of despair. "It is [...] despair, capitulation to an overwhelming system of power, a “choice” that does not feel like a choice—a “choice” made when we are out of time."

Whether religious or secular, our mission as human beings must be life. And life cannot be had by taking -- only by giving. We do not get better or more rights by denying another. We cannot live as families, as friends, as citizens, at the expense of one another.

We highly recommend reading Dr. Franks full article thoroughly. It presents the consistent position of quest for a just world, one which supports women without demanding they sacrifice a child for a chance at equailty. 

But we'd like to quote one more paragraph -- and end on a call to action, and radical pro-life solidarity:

"With abortion, that means speak[...] clearly, as we can (certainly through law), the truth that no child should ever be killed so that other lives (those of the child’s mother, father, grandparents) might proceed more easily. But as this is a sexed reality, as only the bearer of the XX chromosome undertakes the great burden and risk of gestation, we pro-lifers should never dare speak this truth without acknowledging how the libido dominandi in its deformed masculine mode continues to stack the deck against women."




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