Terrific Night for Life! Banquet Recap 2018

To be pro-life, we must be pro-living -- fully, consciously engaged in our relationships, restoring respect for the human person in our day to day activities.

Our banquet this year, and our speaker, author and producer, Charlotte Pence, received amazing feedback! If you missed out, we’d like to recap some of Miss Pence’s remarks, as well as share photos of the evening.

Charlotte spoke to a rapt audience of the importance of living the pro-life message. She encouraged and praised MCFL’s efforts in Massachusetts to promote human dignity. But she also challenged us...


For the full photo slideshow, please click the link here and visit out Facebook page.

...reach for more!

As we approach a possibly post-Roe world, how will we address the fact that our state laws guarantee the right to kill preborn children, regardless of whether Roe exists or not?

We must create a society in which the deadly discrimination of abortion is not only illegal -- it is unthinkable.

That said, Charlotte also addressed the culture of life from the perspective of a storyteller -- as she is. She described her family, and spoke about her dad’s (Vice President, Mike Pence) unwavering love and support.

“Speak your dreams,” he encouraged her.

And to us, she said, “Speak your dreams.”

For a world without the violence of abortion. For a world in which we tell stories of hope, not stories of despair -- because it is those lies that drive mothers to abortion clinics. For a world where our vulnerable--the children, the elderly, the migrants and the poor--are cherished.

“And when you can’t speak your dreams, find someone who will speak them for you. Until you can yourself.”

We all know that the preborn cannot speak their dreams.

We know that many mothers are fearful of speaking their dreams, or think that they have no right to them if they protect their child.

We all know that--sometimes--we ourselves are too discouraged to speak our dreams for a world without this kind of violence, the violence of abortion.

But Charlotte encouraged each and every one of us to strive ever forward, with hope.

Each and every one of us left that banquet inspired --

To speak the dream of life.

To touch the hearts of our fellow human beings, and hear their stories, and give them voice.

To make abortion unthinkable.

To be, as Charlotte put it, pro-living.

Following are some of the photo highlights of the evening.

                                                                                                   Anne Fox, MCFL President, opens the banquet

Winner of the Mildred F. Jefferson Oratory Contest, 

Harvard Student, Gabrielle Landry

                                                                                                                      Mary Ann Glendon's daughter accepts the award            

                                                                                                                      for her mother                          

For the full slideshow, please click the link here and visit out Facebook page.

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