Capitol Call Connects You to Beacon Hill and Congress to Make Grassroots Action Easy and Powerful


One of the most effective actions you can take as a pro-life advocate is calling state or federal elected officials to ask them to vote or sign one way or another. We recently heard from one Massachusetts state representative who told us that just four or five constituents calling their office can sway their vote on an issue.

We often ask Massachusetts pro-lifers to take action for or against legislation by contacting your state representative or senator on Beacon Hill or Congressman or Senator in Washington. Sure, you could send an email or a postal letter, but nothing has the same impact as a personal phone call. As a shorthand, on Beacon Hill a snail mail letter is worth about 100 emails and a phone call is worth about 100 letters. (A personal visit to their office to lobby them? That’s about 100 phone calls.)

That’s why a tool like Capitol Call is so interesting.

Capitol Call is a smartphone app for your iPhone or Android phone that makes it easy to contact the offices of your elected officials. When you launch the app, it will ask to check your location in order to determine what districts you are in. Alternatively, you can enter your home address so it will always reflect your actual representatives, even when you’re not at home.

By default it will show you the two US Senators, your US Representative, your state representative, and your state senator. Optionally, you can have it display all your elected officials, including all of the above plus President, Vice-President, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, state treasurer, state auditor, attorney general, secretary of the commonwealth, country treasurer, county sheriff, county commissioners, and register of deeds. Whew!

Most importantly, the app shows their phone number on a button that when clicked calls their office phone for you. You don’t have to remember who your elected officials are or look up their phone numbers. It’s all right there. 

It’s as easy as an email and as powerful as a phone call.

In addition, Capitol Call lets Massachusetts Citizens for Life set up special campaigns (under the “Take Action” button) that will let us alert you when action needs to be taken, including who to call and what to say to them. (When you download the app, remember to click on Take Action, click on “By Sponsor”, then search for Massachusetts Citizens for Life and follow us. If you allow notifications, you will receive alerts when action needs to be taken.

Let your voice be a voice for the voiceless. If you have a smartphone, download Capitol Call today and get ready to take action.

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