Calling All Nurses

Calling All Pro-Life Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Pharmacists

The latest tactic of assisted suicide advocates is to gather like-minded individuals into groups to put collective pressure on Massachusetts legislators to support assisted suicide. It’s an effective strategy. 

Now, MCFL proposes using the same strategy to defeat the current assisted suicide bill, H. 2381, by organizing groups of medical professionals, whose combined voices have not yet been brought to bear in opposing assisted suicide. We have already organized physicians and physician assistants, and now are inviting pro-life nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to step forward and be heard. If you are not engaged in nursing or pharmacy but have a pro-life friend or relative who is, please pass this invitation along to him or her. 

There are two ways to get involved: the first is for members in these categories of medical professionals to agree to join together in working groups to support pro-life legislation and/or resist the legalization of assisted suicide in Massachusetts. We envision that each group will contact legislators as a group; sign a letter to editors as a group; and, when schedules permit, attend legislative hearings as a group, or designate individuals to testify at hearings on behalf of their respective group. The second option is for individuals, who may prefer to act on their own, to perform these same tasks. 

Defeating assisted suicide is the most pressing issue this legislative session, so we are focusing our efforts there for the coming months. We will provide you with all the tools you need to be effective, including instruction on:

(1) Dangers of assisted suicide in H. 2381,

(2) Key talking points against the legalization of assisted suicide,

(3) How to write effective letters to editors, and

(4) How to submit written or oral testimony to a legislative committee. We will also provide hand-outs to give or send to legislators, summarizing key points. Lastly and importantly, a nurse colleague has volunteered to be your dedicated resource for one-on-one help or advice.

To participate, volunteers may be actively practicing or retired and may or may not have a current license. It is NOT necessary for you to be a member of MCFL. 

To sign up to join such a group, please complete the form, and we’ll do the rest to organize groups and exchange contact information between members in the same field of practice. Rest assured, however, we will not share your information with any other organization. 

If you prefer not to work in a group but can work independently, we still need your voice, so please click this link and state your working preference in the “Comments” section of the form.