Book Review: "Pro-Life Kids" by Tiffany Bomberger

In a recent blog post, Secular Pro-Life president and founder gives us an on-point review of the new and fantastic little picture book, Pro-Life Kids, by the Radiance FOundation's Tiffany Bomberger.

If you're considering last minute gifts, or thinking of shipping to relatives far afield, you could do much worse than this thoughtful, well-rhymed piece of life-affirming literature.

As Kelsey writes: "Pro-Life Kids, written by Bethany Bomberger and illustrated by Ed Koehler, is a rhyming picture book that introduces children to the concept that all humans are people: at every age, no matter where they live, and even before they are born. This concept is conveyed clearly and illustrated beautifully, including children of all races and abilities."

When art shows the truth more often, our society will save lives rather than tossing them out.


Read the full review here.

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