Board Member Profile: Victor Pap


The following profile of MCFL board member Victor Pap appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of the MCFL News magazine, a perk of membership mailed out quarterly to all members.

How did you become pro-life?

Suffolk University had a philosophy class called “contemporary moral issues” which prompted a ton of great debate among students—both in and out of the classroom. My friends and classmates frequently discussed the issue of abortion, individual freedoms, and life on campus. I was very open-minded and truly wrestled with the whole concept.

After a few years, I concluded that deciding an embryo became a human at any point after conception would be arbitrary. That drove me nuts. I realized I had to decide that life either began at conception or at birth and at that point, it was very clear: there is no material change in a baby’s ‘personhood’ the day before being born. 

Logically, it then followed that life must be considered to begin at conception and the very first right we have as Americans is life. 

How did you become involved with MCFL?

When I first ran for elective office, everyone told me I had to speak to Dr. Mildred Jefferson. There was no way I could come close to winning without enlisting her support. She turned out to be very wise and sage-like in her political counsel and that introduced me to a whole statewide network of pro-lifers—an authentic grassroots movement. 

What are you currently working on with MCFL?

As a relative newcomer to the board (and in any endeavor I take on) I do an awful lot of data gathering. I try and absorb as much as possible about the vision, operations, challenges, and opportunities available to grow an organization. It’s a long haul toward achieving positive, transformative change. 

Specifically, I’d love to see more traditional campaign tactics done through some of the new technologies available. It’s much easier said than done. Working with the chairman to develop new revenue streams and increasing the pool of benefactors is another area where I hope to make a difference this year. 

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

With six children aged 10 and under, my wife, Mary, and I have very little leisure time. When we find we have some time, money, and a baby-sitter, we enjoy nothing more than escaping to grab dinner. The only other consistent respite from a hectic week is a weekly men’s basketball program I run for my parish—although because I’m the oldest one on the court, it ends up being more work than play—but it’s fun!

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