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An Open Letter to MA Legislature: Oppose S1209/H3320

A recent poll on which we partnered with the national advocacy organization, The Susan B. Anthony List, demonstrated a majority of Massachusetts voters oppose provisions contained in the proposed bills S.1209/H.3320. These provisions radically endanger our adult women, our teenage girls, and our infants. 

The following remarks were presented by MCFL Vice President, Myrna Maloney Flynn, to the press conference at the Massachusetts State House, and are re-printed here as an open letter to our legislators.



Legislators of the Commonwealth:

I am Myrna Maloney Flynn, Vice President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, and a resident of the Hampshire County city of Northampton.

This poll did not survey members of the pro-life groups standing here today. It surveyed Massachusetts voters -- citizens who are registered Democrats, Republicans, Independents -- voters of all party affiliations.

The results indicate that common ground exists beneath this contentious and divisive issue. That’s the real news here: Where polarization is on display in other states this year, this poll suggests we are different; on the issue of abortion, Massachusetts is poised to set a new and desperately-needed course for this country.

Legislators of the Commonwealth, your constituents have spoken. I urge you to listen. Senate Bill 1209/House Bill 3320, the so-called “ROE Act,” is not what they want. They don’t want their teenage daughters irresponsibly targeted and made easier prey for abusers. Voters don’t consider hospitals “obstacles,” as this bill suggests. To remove life-saving, resuscitative equipment that would aid viable infants who survive abortion attempts, those who are the youngest citizens in your care, is to go against the wishes of your neighbors.

And, legislators, if you support this bill, you are asking your neighbors at home to help pay for each of these inhumane provisions. How will you defend yourself when you run into them at the grocery store or when you drop your children off at school?

More importantly, what words could you possibly find to use with your own children or grandchildren when they some day ask you about the law you would have helped to pass?

Martin Luther King once said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.”

Don’t vote for something your conscience will not withstand. Don’t vote for S.1209/H.3320. Instead, let’s shelve it. Let’s embrace our common ground, use it as a foundation, and build a caring, safe, dignified model for the rest of the nation to follow. The childcare proposal that Senator Warren introduced is a fine example of what true pro-life policy looks like. And we can enact it here first. Together. Imagine the widespread voter response to that!

Each of you has a unique opportunity to redefine this debate, redirect the conversation, renounce extremism, and represent Massachusetts on a national level while you do so. By your bravery, your leadership, your demonstrated commitment to--and genuine care for--the people who put you in office, you will, as Dr. King championed, do what is right.

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Catch a Bus to Oppose Extremist Bill S.1209, June 17th Rally

RALLY & HEARING MONDAY JUNE 17TH 10AM - Bus into Boston!

We have a generous donor who has just stepped forward to match any offering for transportation. If you can't make it, sponsor a friend, student, or pastor to join us. for online contribution*  


(If you are not joining a bus caravan, check out the best parking options near the Massachusetts State House: Parking Near Rally Point )

Don't let distance keep you from being the force that changes history here in Massachusetts. On Monday, the extremist anti-life bills S.1209/H.3320 will be reviewed by committee.

It is crucial that you are there demonstrating that Massachusetts will not accept laws that critically endanger our women, our teenage daughters, and our infants.

If you need a ride, we are chartering buses in the following locations:

Agawam: Departs Monday morning 7am from 833 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001 (St John's Church parking lot) Returns 4pm. Pick up on Common side front entry of State House
Stoneham: Departs Monday morning 8:30am from 259 Main St, Stoneham, MA 02180 (Stop n Shop parking lot) Returns 4pm. Pick up on Common side front entry of State House
Danvers: Departs Monday morning 8am from 24 Conant St. Danvers, MA (St Mary's of the Assumption parking lot) Returns 3pm. Pick up on Common side front entry of State House
Springfield: See Carpool Coordinator Sheet here.
Members are coordinating a caravan rather than bussing. If you provide seats in your vehicle, sign up. Email us to connect with the local carpool captain.
Westford: PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 8:30am. Departs Monday morning 9:00am from 160 Littleton Rd.Westford, MA (Dunkin Donuts parking lot) Returns 5pm. Pick up on Common side front entry of State House
Scituate: Departs Monday morning 8:00am from St. Mary of the Nativitiy Parish Center Parking Lot (directly across from the church, located at 1 Kent St.) Scituate, MA. Returns 5pm. Pic up for return on Common side front entry of State House
Fall River: Departs Monday morning 7:30am from The Baptist Temple 700 Eastern Ave. Fall River MA Returns 5pm
RSVP, naming the bus stop location nearest you here. 
SPECIAL CARPOOL FROM WESTMINSTER: Gather at Our Savior Church, Westminster 8:45 am on Monday June 17th in order to leave by 9:00 am for Alewife on the Red Line. 

Please contact Bill with questions: or call 978-407-3101

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MCFL Goes Head-to-Head with NARAL on Extreme Abortion Expansion Bills (S.1209/H.3320)

With just days to go before the committee hearing of the extreme abortion expansion bill, S.1209/H.3320, MCFL went head-to-head with NARAL on WGBH's Greater Boston!




Watch it now, and let us know what you think of NARAL's response to why we would remove medical safety regulations for our women (when they seek an abortion).

Does "it's a deeply personal decision" sound like a valid argument for killing a child, or making abortion unsafe, legal, and promoted at the expense of women and girls' lives?

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BREAKING: Poll Shows MA Voters Reject Extremist Abortion Bill, S1209



“An overwhelming majority of Massachusetts voters support existing, common-sense abortion limits and agree that expanding abortion on demand through birth is too extreme,” said Liebel. “The response to this radical legislation across the board – Democrats, Independents, women, and self-described pro-choice voters – shows this is not a partisan issue. Massachusetts lawmakers should stand with their constituents and reject abortion extremism.”


Yesterday, we announced the results of a poll showing the overwhelming majority of Massachusetts voters reject the extreme provisions in Senate Bill 1209/ House Bill 3320. 

Performed by national advocacy organization, The Susan B. Anthony List, the poll surveyed voters who identified as pro-choice, and were registered as Democrat and Independent. Despite radically diverse backgrounds, our Massachusetts citizens maintained a consistent opposition to every provision in this proposed law.

At the press event and rally, Sue Swayze Liebel, state policy director, for Susan B. Anthony List, laid out S.1209's provisions, describing how they brazenly promote late-term abortion on demand through birth, eliminate adult supervision for our teenage girls entering an abortion facility (thus leaving them prey to sexual abusers), and remove protections for babies born alive in failed abortions.

The conference room overflowed, and security approached us with concerns, because they had only expected 50 or so attendees.

MCFL Vice President, Myrna Maloney Flynn addressed the packed room stating: "This poll did not survey members of the pro-life groups standing here today. It surveyed Massachusetts voters -- citizens who are registered Democrats, Republicans, Independents -- voters of all party affiliations. The majority deeply oppose this irrational bill."

The fact that this bill flagrantly dismisses the human rights and health of women, children, and infants -- to say nothing of the preborn children -- was more than ever apparent.

Although invited directly by MCFL representatives, members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary -- which will hear both versions of this anti-life bill -- were not in attendance.

Flynn addressed them, and all Massachusetts citizens through the press from the podium: "Each of you has a unique opportunity to redefine this debate, redirect the conversation, renounce extremism, and represent Massachusetts on a national level while you do so. By your bravery, your leadership, your demonstrated commitment to--and genuine care for--the people who put you in office, you will, as Dr. King championed, do what is right."


Answer this call to action today.

S.1209 and H.3320 will be heard by the committee in the upcoming months. They need to hear the voices of the voters.  They need to hear the common sense consensus that we, as Massachusetts citizens, reject bad law. Period.

Call them today.  (You can find contact information at this link.)

Join our emergency action rallies weekly. Sign up now!

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Emergency Response Action!


This is no drill. This Summer, our legislature could approve S.1209, and deny our women protective medical regulations, deny our children protections from sex predators, deny our infants life-saving medical treatment.

Anti-life demonstrators flooded the state house just last week in an attempt to pressure our lawmakers to approve this law. 

Will you live in a world that discards the vulnerable, the preborn, our women and girls?


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A Dream for Human Dignity: Mass. March for Life

“We Have a Dream”
2019 Mass. March for Life rally speech

We have had our dreams.

All our lives. And when we’ve dreamed best, we’ve dreamed more love and more life: for ourselves and for those we love.

And now we join here this day to dream together more life and love for every human.

Today is my youngest child’s birthday. She’s six now. My oldest will turn eighteen in a month. There are four children in between.

Like the song says: “The years just flow by, like a broken down dam.” First sacraments, last recitals, graduations, Little League, the little heartaches and the unencompassable ones. Inexorable. Beautiful and heartbreaking. You know what I mean.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on. And our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

What dreams have I had for them! What dreams have died. What dreams survive. The only dreams worthy of a child are intimations from a source far worthier than me, a source of perfect self-surrendering love. Such dreams are not private fantasies. They are facets of the one great dream of this world: that every substance and rhythm of creation, every action and interaction, converge and rise in a new form of common life, more perfect than the one we now endure.

Rise into a city magnificent, beneficent, whose only currency is love. We might call it the city of peace: a New Jerusalem.

To dream such a city: is that for the night, or for the day? If dreaming means surrender to an inspiration that is not yours or mine, something too large to have arisen from our small capacity: then it is to create a day that escapes all nights.

We pro-lifers have gathered here today to dream this great dream together. It is, in part, the dream we have for America. It is, in part, what America wants to dream through us.

One dream has always animated this country: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Every single human is created equal.

It has always been a dream. It has never been fully realized in the light of day. We dreamt the dream—yet consigned the slave to nightmare. We dreamt the dream—yet leave women too much in the grip of private tyrannies.

That essential figure of our Founding, Abigail Adams, had written to husband John Adams, “Remember the ladies!” And we still have so much to do to make that dream real.

Our opponents ask: but do we honor the liberty of women? And I say, if asked of all of us in American society, that is a just question. And every pro-lifer must answer it well by our lives. There are many who, in all good conscience, really want America to remember the ladies, and think that to do so requires that we remove every single limitation on abortion.

Some in less good faith have concocted this ROE Act pending under that gold dome, which is far more radical in aim and effect than even Roe v. Wade. The 1973 decision was extreme enough, but it explicitly denied an absolute right to abortion: in the interests of the abortion-minded mother’s health, and in the interests of what the men in black unscientifically and unphilosophically termed “potential human life,” the state may at various points regulate abortion—according to Roe v. Wade.

The ROE Act is not some prophylactic attempt to enshrine Roe v. Wade before it is, please God, overturned by the Supreme Court. The ROE Act presents and would enshrine a right to unrestricted abortion. That is a new thing. And it is a very dark thing.

What would this legislation do?

1) No abortion could be bad enough for this abortion-industry drafted law to merit the intervention of the state.

It eliminates all criminal penalties for the performance of any abortion—whether coerced, sex-selective, eugenic, incompetently executed, performed by a non-physician, inflicted on a victim of sex trafficking, statutory rape, or other sexual abuse. Literally no abortion could be performed in Massachusetts that might become a matter for state law enforcement.

Is this the dream we dream for our Commonwealth?

2) The ROE Act would eliminate parental consent for all minors. Is that the dream we should dream for our children? That if they are victims of predatory men, that no parent, and even no judge, should stand between that child and the will of the predator to “fix his problem”? Is that our dream for children? Are we not sick of abuse?

3) The ROE Act eliminates any provision for the life of a viable child who survives an abortion attempt. You would think that the very least modern times would reject is the barbarism of exposure. But with abortion, we indeed grapple with the very limits of civilization. Are we to dream of exposure for children?

4) The ROE Act would eliminate the hospitalization requirement for abortions after the first trimester. Is that the dream we should dream for women? Whose dream is that but that of the abortion industry, which profits from killing?

5) The ROE Act would expand tax-payer funding of abortion and would do so, perversely, under Healthy Start, a program designed to lower infant mortality. Is that what we dream from good government?

6) In this proposed law, any reference to women is eliminated, as is any reference to another human being in this whole tortured question of abortion. Is the dream of this Commonwealth to forget the actual flesh and blood mothers and children whose destinies are being weighed in the balance? Justice may be blind, but justice must not be stupid.

If many fellow citizens are convinced of the hard necessity of abortion in certain cases, that is one thing. It is one thing to say that the liberty interest of a mother overrides the life interest of her unborn child in difficult-enough circumstances. It’s quite another thing, a delusional thing, to pretend that this hard choice isn’t hard at all by pretending as if modern embryology and developmental biology do not exist.

Our dream is a dream for the transformation of reality, and so it must be rooted in reality. Ignoring how abortion is a tool for rapacious men is not being rooted in reality.

The principle of the ROE Act is simple: no abortion a bad abortion.

But how many pro-choicers, even, believe that? What kind of male fantasy world would a person have to live in to overlook the fact that this serves the convenience of the man who, though not wanting to be a father, nevertheless wants to keep using women and girls?

Abortion makes the inequality of women worse. It allows men to escape their responsibility to both women and children, and it allows our narcissistic society to escape our responsibility to care.

No abortion a bad abortion? How about this: some seeming solutions are not solutions at all.

Do we need to secure more equality for women in society? You better believe it. Can equality, can the equality of some, be secured at the expense of the equality of others? The ones selling that are always the unequal ones who sit above us all and who confuse their needs with reality. And I’ll say it to the shame of our sex: most of these narcissists are men.

We pro-lifers agree that the ladies must be remembered. What we deny, is that we can rightly remember any one human by killing another human.

We would remember all the victims, not just some—and thereby blow up the whole sorry system of entitlement that enslaves us all. Do you want revolution? THAT is revolution.

Let us dream with Walt Whitman:

I DREAM’D in a dream, I saw a city invincible to the attacks of the whole of the rest of the earth;
I dream’d that was the new City of Friends;
Nothing was greater there than the quality of robust love—it led the rest;
It was seen every hour in the actions of the men of that city,
And in all their looks and words.

What has Walt described but what we dream for America: to show us something of the New Jerusalem.

If I forget thee, Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.

The city of our dreams, that New Jerusalem, cannot come upon those who forget the dead, who forget the victims.

We must not forget how racial minorities suffer. We must not forget how women suffer. We must not forget how the smallest humans suffer.

Let me not forget thee, city of my dreams, city of life for all and of death for none.

Let me not forget thee, city of true love and of friendship we never betray, never fail.

Let us dream the impossible possibility of America once again.

What did our great captain say:

“It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

When Lincoln says that every political sentiment he’s had derives from the Declaration of Independence, he explains that he means the principles of equal dignity and liberty.

We all agree on the words. What do they mean?

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BREAKING: "R.O.E" Act To Be Heard by Judiciary Committee



The bill that would promote abortion at the expense of women's safety in Massachusetts, S.1209/H.3320 (the "R.O.E." Act), originally to be heard by the Joint Committee on Public Health, has been moved to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. 

If confirmed by that committee in its current form, it will be passed on to the full legislature for a vote. 


Our advocates endured a grueling 18 hour day to testify against the provisions in this extremist legislation. Follow up and amplify the testimony they submitted on this bill's reduction of our standards of medical care, legalization of passive killings of infants born during late-term abortions, and removal of adult protection for minor girls. Ensure

that the committee does not disregard the overwhelming case for rejecting an abortion access over safety mentality that would be devastating in Massachusetts. 

We need you to make your voices heard today. 

Are these legislators in your district?

Have you sent your legislator this fact sheet?

>>Download the PDF Fact Sheet Here<<



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Op-Ed: Extreme Abortion Storms MA

by Myrna Maloney Flynn, Vice President, MCFL

Google “extreme abortion,” and you’ll find hundreds of stories written since January, when New York passed its Reproductive Health Act and, ever the trendsetter, led the rest of the country into what has indisputably become the year of abortion.

Progressive legislation followed in Virginia and Vermont, disheartening pro-life advocates, who watched life-devaluing initiatives increase in both number and speed down the slippery slope Roe vs. Wade established.

Concurrently, abortion rights supporters lament “extreme” laws recently passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri that drastically limit abortion.

Massachusetts hosts the next race to extremes, as legislators consider Senate bill 1209, the so-called “ROE Act” (Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access). Since our current abortion laws are among the nation’s most permissive, there is no adjective that better describes S.1209 than “extreme.”

A few of the bill’s irrational provisions: It eliminates the parental consent requirement. No adult (except perhaps an adult impregnator) need be involved before a pregnant 13-year-old walks into an abortion facility.

Myrna Maloney Flynn addressing the surge of pro-life marchers, June 2nd, highlighting the 

dangers of S.1209, and describing "love in action"...

[ Continue reading at The Gazette... ]

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Mass. March For Life Puts "Love in Action" in Headlines!


media round-up

Check out the media hits on yesterday's Annual Mass March For Life!

With hundreds of registered marchers, sponsors, and participants, the 2019 March for Life drew counter-protest and television cameras with a lively lineup of speakers. The Boston Police Department estimated over 600 pro-lifers attended despite media reports of a "small, annual rally."

MCFL Vice President, Myrna Flynn, describes instances of "love in action" from the Bandstand as pro-abortion protesters shout over her.

"Love in action requires us to go out of our way," Myrna said in her remarks. 

The Globe was on site, and pushed out a report last night. Slant aside, they got the fact that 7 (pro-abortion) individuals were arrested for physically assaulting one of our speakers.

Sam, our second speaker, after having urine and slushy thrown on on him.

WBZ reported the violence as well. Watch it, filmed live: 7 Arrested During Massachusetts March for Life Rally.

Despite clashes, our marchers maintained an open attitude towards dialogue, and literally turned the other cheek. “Ironically when I tried to find common ground or start a conversation, it was men who blocked the dialogue,” noted MCFL’s director of community engagement, CJ Williams, who was shoved by two men considerably bigger than her upon beginning to set up the sound system. “While the irony made for an interesting story, we hope next year’s discussion will be more civil.”

With over 600 marchers this year, and a lively encounter with the public -- and the representatives of Planned Parenthood and NARAL -- this year's march is one for the history books. We can't thank all of you enough for your demonstration of this year's theme: Love in Action. 

Get ready for the next rally and the next call to action!  

You can support our continued campaign to end the violence of abortion in our Commonwealth by joining the movement here.

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MCFL Invites Pro-Abort Counter Protest to "Join Us on Common Ground"



MEDIA ADVISORY -- BOSTON, MA - 1 JUNE 2019 -- This Sunday, June 2nd, Mass Citizens for Life (MCFL) hosts the statewide March for Life on the Boston Common at 1pm. The fundraising walk and rally this year have been re-oriented towards opposition to the dangerous proposed bill, S.1209, which may be heard later this year by the Joint Committee on Public Health. MCFL has learned that pro-abortion activists are planning a counter-protest to occur at the same location as the rally, the Parkman Bandstand and has extended a good-faith invitation to participate in supporting the pro-feminist cause. 

"Instead of trying to yell over each other, why not join us to make your case," says C.J. Williams Director of Community Engagement for MCFL. "If we agree women should be safe and protected by law, we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition to eliminating protective measures for girls and women in Massachusetts--we all stand for the vulnerable and we should be on the same side today."

S.1209 removes regulations that require high-risk late-term abortions be performed in hospitals by physicians; and removes adult consent and supervision for 12 or 13-year-old girls entering abortion facilities, putting them at risk for abuse and sex trafficking.

As of this release, the invitation has not been answered.

Founded in 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the Commonwealth's largest and longest-serving pro-life organization.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life