Posted on September 06, 2017 10:00 AM

Abortion Drop in Massachusetts Exceeds National Average

barchart.jpgThe following article originally appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of the MCFL News magazine, a perk of membership mailed out quarterly to all members.

These numbers are incredibly encouraging! Nationally, the number of abortions per year is down by 38% since the high. In Massachusetts the number is down by 60%! The national abortion rate (abortions per 1000 women) is 14.6, half what it was in 1981, the lowest it has been since Roe v Wade. There are 18.8 abortions for every 100 pregnancies – lower than any time since Roe v Wade. The number of abortion providers nationally is about half what it was at the height in 1982.

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Posted on September 05, 2017 10:00 AM

Nine Months in Four Minutes


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

"Nine months in four minutes" is beautiful and amazing.  I was thinking that we had seen these pictures before, but they are so well presented that they are worth watching again. Besides, this computer animation is so well done.  This video is so exciting!

Posted on September 01, 2017 10:00 AM

School Sex Ed: Abstinence Works


We are continuing our review of the presentations given at 2017 Convention in April. You may also find these presentations in our quarterly member publication, MCFL News.

As a science teacher in the Boston Public Schools in the 1970’s, Linda Thayer had a front row seat for the cataclysm known as the sexual revolution. “In 1971, the federal government began to provide contraceptives to teenagers in neighborhood clinics,” Thayer said. “What happened over time, was that every problem that birth control was supposed to solve skyrocketed. More kids became sexually active. More kids became pregnant. Abortions went up. Sexually transmitted diseases in the community where I worked went through the roof. Only one thing went down -– and that was marriage. All the instability that goes with a lack of family formation — I saw the whole thing.”

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Posted on August 31, 2017 10:00 AM

80% of teens in Obama sex-ed fared worse than peers


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Isn't it a shame that so much tax money, which could have been spent to help people (or for tax cuts), has been wasted when we could have told the Department of Health and Human Services what they have finally learned: So-called "sex ed" programs encourage sexual activity, which leads to pregnancy, abortion, and heartache.

Trump’s administration announced $200 million in cuts to the program earlier this summer, angering abortion activists and others. At the time, Health and Human Services Department spokesman Mark Vafiades told the New York Times that there is very little evidence that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program is working.

Huber verified this. She said there is no proof that the program reduced teen pregnancy rates, and research actually shows that 70 percent to 80 percent of teens were not positively impacted. She said teen pregnancy rates did drop during the program, but the decline began before the program started.

It is so encouraging to have the Trump administration cut the funding of these failed programs.

Posted on August 30, 2017 9:25 AM

A Mother’s Self-Sacrificing Love


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Tasha Trafford is a woman who "gave her life for her son.” Aborting her son probably would not have saved her life in the end, but not treating her bone cancer in order for him to be healthy certainly did not help. She is not alone in her heroic sacrifice as we see this type of story all the time, of mothers who refuse treatment of terminal illnesses in order to safeguard the baby they carry.

Here are some beautiful thoughts about the miracles of babies.

”It was amazing to think something so wonderful had been growing inside me as well as something as horrible as cancer. Cooper is our little miracle.

“I always understood the risks to my own health in having him, but I never had a flicker of doubt that I was doing the right thing. I longed to be a mum and the knowledge that I would be, kept me going through my pregnancy, despite all the pain and fear.

Posted on August 29, 2017 10:00 AM

Roe is Yesterday's Law


We are continuing our review of the presentations given at 2017 Convention in April. You may also find these presentations in our quarterly member publication, MCFL News. In this presentation, Craig Collins stakes out a somewhat controversial proposition to begin a conversation.

"Roe v. Wade is not only wrong. It is obsolete. It was a response to problems of a distant era and its intellectual applications are no longer applicable," said Craig Collins, Esq., author of Yesterday's Law: Abortion in Modern America. "Roe outlived its historical justification and as a result will disappear into history much sooner than people expect."  

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Posted on August 28, 2017 9:28 AM

South Carolina Gov. Gives Pro-Life Bona Fides, Cuts Off Abortion Funding


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Ah, to live in a pro-life state. Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina has cut off state funding for abortions. Apparently he made the move because his Lieutenant Governor is going to be running against him and the LG has been pushing the funding ban. That is great— the sitting Governor has to prove that he is pro-life enough. There are a few possible court wrinkles, but, as you can see from Ed Morrissey's analysis, the ban will probably hold.

Can McMaster cut off these funds? In the case of discretionary funds from the state budget, almost certainly. The Medicaid funding issue is more tricky. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has signaled more openness to approving waivers for states who wish to direct those funds to non-providers of abortions, but an earlier case in Texas resulted in a temporary injunction against Greg Abbott’s attempts to cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood clinics. 


Posted on August 25, 2017 10:20 AM

This Instagram Account Uses Art to Expose Reality of Abortion


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Pro-lifers rightly observe that the pro-aborts have taken over the media, entertainment, etc. We also know that it is our job to keep the awful reality of abortion right in front of people. We know that people would rather not think about abortion but, when they are forced to, they come down on the side of life.

A very clever collection of pro-life art on Instagram plays into both these facts. The art posted by Instagram user @jonathonvanmaren gets us into the arts and forces people to think about abortion. I find myself noting certain pieces which I think would be good to share.

Posted on August 24, 2017 10:00 AM

Planned Parenthood: “Profit. No Matter What.”


We are continuing our review of the presentations given at 2017 Convention in April. You may also find these presentations in our quarterly member publication, MCFL News. In this presentation, Helen Cross highlights the work of the Charlotte Lozier Institute in exposing Planned Parenthood’s financial irregularities.

MCFL Magazine editor Helen Cross discussed taxpayer funding and Planned Parenthood using a 2017 report, "Profit, No Matter What," issued by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) and the Alliance Defending Freedom. Author Catherine Glenn Foster, J.D., CLI Senior Fellow in Legal Policy, outlined the two organizations' research which found waste, abuse, and potential fraud.


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Posted on August 23, 2017 10:00 AM

Catch His Excitement Every Time He Sees His Sister


Jessica Evans lives in Georgia with her family, including her 15-year-old brother David, who has Down syndrome. Jessica is a college student and likes to come home and surprise her brother, so she’s videoed many of his enthusiastic greetings and turned them into an adorable and heartwarming compilation. We should all aspire to experience such excitement every time we see a loved one!

Jessica posted her video on Twitter and create a viral sensation, including many others who posted videos of the special love they share with family members who have Down syndrome.

We have such limited understandings of what “perfection” is and what it means to be a “burden.” While special needs children and adults indeed need special help with many parts of life—although who doesn’t really?—they also bring a capacity for love and joy as well that can’t be overlooked.