Posted on November 05, 2018 3:30 PM

How to Support Local Pro-Life Action: Rose Drives

The MCFL Rose Drive is an annual memorial and fundraising outreach that is easy, attractive, and adaptable. Our chapters and our members have been offering roses outside churches or during fairs or community events almost since our inception.

What, then, is a rose drive?

Rose Drives serve a dual purpose: as memorials for preborn people, and as fundraisers. Roses purchased to remember the children and their mothers victimized by legal abortion directly support MCFL’s educational programs, community outreach, lobbying, and more.




Many drives are held on Mother’s Day, or during October, Respect Life Month. Many members get permission from their pastor to offer roses after services -- this has been a highly successful, as well as easy, strategy.

As you plan your own Rose Drive for the upcoming year, the following steps may be helpful:

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Posted on November 01, 2018 1:58 PM

Terrific Night for Life! Banquet Recap 2018

To be pro-life, we must be pro-living -- fully, consciously engaged in our relationships, restoring respect for the human person in our day to day activities.

Our banquet this year, and our speaker, author and producer, Charlotte Pence, received amazing feedback! If you missed out, we’d like to recap some of Miss Pence’s remarks, as well as share photos of the evening.

Charlotte spoke to a rapt audience of the importance of living the pro-life message. She encouraged and praised MCFL’s efforts in Massachusetts to promote human dignity. But she also challenged us...


For the full photo slideshow, please click the link here and visit out Facebook page.

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Posted on November 01, 2018 7:24 AM

You're Wrong If You're Not Right on This

[ The following was drafted and sent as a letter to the editor by a long time MCFL member and dedicated advocate for the vulnerable. We re-publish it with his permission. ]

There are (at least) two sides to every question. Now, with the help of my "ghost writer",  I, a preborn child, am presenting a third side. For, even though I can hug, tumble, and feel pain, I cannot put my thoughts down on paper.

Someone else has to do that for me.

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Posted on October 31, 2018 1:37 PM

Art Making an Impact for the Preborn

by Anne Fox, MCFL President 

There are 14 statues in Qatar depicting life before birth.  They range in height from five to eleven meters.  That is seventeen feet to thirty-seven feet high.

And they have been there for five years.  Think of the influence they must have. The way they must form society and people's consciousness of life in the womb. Think if we had more artists, and art, film and writing, that did this for us.

Check out more of the visuals here.

Where would you put ours?

Isn't a picture worth well more than a thousand words?

For Life,




Posted on October 30, 2018 11:43 AM

List of Buses & Groups Headed to National March for Life, DC

by C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement

Who will cry for the children? Who will be there voice? Each year, hundreds of thousands raise their voices, and put their feet on the ground in our nation's capitol, for the preborn people who can't advocate for themselves at the national March for Life.  Each year, we at MCFL have helped coordinate getting hundreds of both new and die-hard pro-lifers into DC. They make a national impact, and always bring back deep inspiration and energy to our life-affirming work at home.

Below is an ongoing list of buses and carpools traveling to Washington, D.C. in January



MFL Carpool, January 16-19, 2019

For details, email our Director of Community Engagement, C.J. at

Pure in Heart Boston Carpool & Bus, January 17-20, 2019

Details here

Boston Archdiocese "Witness to Life" Buses, January 17-19, 2019 

Details here

Burlington Buses for Life, January 16-19, 2019

For details, contact Theresa - 978-886-2911

Cape Cod Bus for Life, January 17-19, 2019

For details call Kevin Ward - 508-291-0949

Lawrence Bus Caravan, January 16-19, 2019

(Buses have pick-up in Lawrence & Boston, Wednesday morning. Cost $120. Please bring sleeping bag.) For more details, call Franklyn Rodriguez 978-566-5597

Worcester Diocese March for Life Trip, January 17-19, 2019

Details here

Springfield Buses for Life, January 17-18, 2019

(Red Eye departs from St Stanislaus Church parking lot, Chicopee, 10:30 pm) 

For details or to reserve your seat, email Peggy -

Middleboro Caravan

For details, please email Francene at

Arlington 3 Day March Trip, 16-19 January, 2019

For details, please email or call Tom Harvey 617-710-3616 -

Bellingham Buses, January 17-19, 2019

(Overnight. Departs from St. Brendan's) For details call (508) 966-0260

(Western Mass) Adams Buses, January 17-19, 2019

(pickups in Adams, Pittsfield, and Lee)

For details, or to reserve a seat, please call Robin - 413-743-1329 

Brighton Pilgrimage with Fr. Chris Bae, January 17-19, 2019

(this co-op will be traveling via JetBlue)

For details, and how to purchase affordable airfare, please contact Samantha by January 11th -

Airfare was 153.00 as of this posting, 1/4/19. Accommodations provided.

**Updated as of January 4, 2019

If you know of a pilgrimage, carpool, or caravan scheduled to leave from Massachusetts that is not included above, please email us.

Posted on October 24, 2018 2:05 PM

Abortion Pill Reversal - The Facts


We are continuing our review of some of the speakers and content at the Convention on April 2, 2017 in no particular order of their appearance at the event.

One of the more technical, but also most hopeful, presentations at our 2016 convention came from Dr. Mark Rollo, who enlightened the audience to the latest developments concerning abortion pill reversal. Dr. Rollo described new protocols to help women reverse RU-486 chemical abortions, a technique which uses two drugs: mifepristone (AKA RU-486) and misoprostol. In many cases, Dr. Rollo said, if massive dosages of progesterone are given after the mifepristone, but before the misoprostol, it is possible for a mother to bear the baby to term with no ill effects.

He noted that 18-25% of abortions are performed with mifepristone each year. That amounts to about 200,000 to 300,000. It is usually administered to the mother to be followed two days later by the misoprostol, giving a 48 hour window for her to change her mind. The drug combination may be prescribed up to 63 days after the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). 

Dr. Rollo also discussed how the progesterone reversal works and the success rate in actual patients, with most administrations resulting in the birth of healthy babies. Of the calls to the national hotline number between May 2012 and February 2016, about 43% of the women go on to receive progesterone to attempt reversal and the approximate success rate has been 55% overall. Women in 45 states and 13 countries have participated in the abortion pill reversal.



The only birth defect correlated to the reversal, a "port wine stain" skin discoloration, is actually unlikely to be a result of the drug. In fact, the FDA claims no risk of birth defects from progesterone and no evidence exists that mifepristone, if counteracted, offers a risk either.

Abortion pill reversal is not without its challenges though. With the short window of opportunity, it can be difficult for women to be reached and decide to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. Some women, despite assurances, are concerned about birth defects. They also face pressures from abortion clinics and lack of emotional support from friends and family. TMany doctors' offices also lack necessary progesterone supplies, as they do not often keep injectable progesterone on hand while its shelf-life of 3 to 6 months compounds the difficulty.

Dr. Rollo noted finally  that more work can and needs to be done to develop new and more effective and prompt protocols for the use of progesterone to save lives.

Because time is of the essence, any concerned individual should be ready to give women the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline (877.558.0333number and web site, which are available 24/7

This nationwide hotline with more than 300 doctors across the country participating saves lives. Dr. Rollo encouraged pro-lifers to invite pro-life medical professionals—including doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and midwives—to join the APR network.

Posted on October 23, 2018 2:37 PM

Several Medical Associations Affirm Opposition to Doctor Prescribed Death

by Barbara Lyons, Coalitions Director, Patients Rights Action Fund

            News from several medical associations and societies is excellent as they voted to reaffirm their opposition to assisted suicide. 

      The American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs has released its new report and, with a few changes, recommends again that the AMA retain its position opposing assisted suicide.   At the AMA annual meeting in June of 2018, the House of Delegates referred the report back to the Council rather than affirming it.  The new report is a tremendous victory for holding the line to oppose assisted suicide and sets up another battle at the June 2019 meeting.    The American Academy of Family Physicians recently changed its position to “engaged neutrality” which presents a significant challenge to retaining the opposition position next year by the AMA.


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Posted on October 19, 2018 2:19 PM

An MCFL Family Shares Their Journey

Today brings the following journal entry from this beautiful MCFL family, showing the beauty of human life even amidst suffering:


Dear Friends and Family,

[ Bill was diagnosed with cancer and his family has been reporting their journey through the disease, and their reports have given us an example of human dignity. This is how to treat our fellows -- with love, not with doctor-prescribed death. ] Each day on earth together is a gift and we thank God for His strength day by day.  Recently Jeanne encouraged us with her assessment of her Dad's journey with pancreatic cancer over the past 15 1/2 months since diagnosis - of the four aspects of our lives - spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical - the first three are going well.  

The daily grind of dealing with the strong chemotherapy drugs and abdominal pain has taken its toll on Bill's energy, strength and weight.  As mentioned in the last update, the "balancing act" continues.  We are so grateful to have completed 20 cycles of chemotherapy; 11 of the initial chemotherapy and nine of the second line of FDA-approved medicines.  We are thankful that the last CT scan showed  "no new sites of cancer".  Bill's oncologist has provided additional long-acting pain control and plans to continue the same schedule of infusion every other week and repeat the CT scan before Thanksgiving. 

Bill's cheerful heart is a reflection of his close walk with Jesus throughout the day and during the nights of frequent awakenings.  From the deep resources of Bill's brain, he recalls many songs (some silly) from his childhood.  The hymns, devotionals and God's Word provide HOPE.  One of the promises from the Bible that we've experienced is from Romans 15:13 "I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him.  Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit".

Above all you [ our MCFL community ] bring us continual encouragement by reaching out to us in many ways as you...  send cards, e-mails, [make] phone calls, and arrange for healing masses for Bill.  We are grateful as you continue to let us know that you're "with us" on this journey.  We are so blessed by the many visits of family and friends who brighten our spirits and bring us joy.  Each Sunday we are so thankful that our grandsons, Nathanael & Joshua, in seminary and college, make time to call us and share their busy lives.  We look forward in the coming months to the visits of very special friends, phone calls and all our children & grandchildren gathering together at Thanksgiving.  Signs of autumn are in the air - beautiful maples, boat on dry land and gardens "put to rest". 

Posted on October 11, 2018 8:45 AM

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Presidential Message on Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Issued on: October 1, 2018 and reprinted from

During Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Melania and I join in celebrating the lives of the more than 250,000 Americans with Down syndrome and those around the world with this condition.  Together, we recommit to deepening our understanding of Down syndrome and learning more about how we can ensure the beautiful people with Down syndrome are able to fully participate in society.  We will always support the dreams of those with Down syndrome, and respect and honor the sanctity of their lives, at every stage.

Today, as a result of advances in research and treatment, people with Trisomy 21, or “Down syndrome,” are leading healthier and longer lives.  Through innovative speech, occupational, and physical therapies, we are finding new ways to build upon the physical and intellectual abilities of children and babies with Down syndrome.  We are learning more about this condition and the increased need for widespread education and acceptance.  These efforts help to ensure many of our youngest citizens with this condition are able to live fulfilling, independent, and productive lives.

All people are endowed by their Creator with dignity and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Despite some persistent myths and stigmas, even within the medical community, our Nation strongly embraces the undeniable truth that a Down syndrome diagnosis is an opportunity to embrace God’s gifts.  I stand for life – in all of its beautiful manifestations – and I, and my Administration, will continue to condemn the prejudice and discrimination that Americans with Down syndrome too often endure.

During this month, we vow to continue creating opportunities for and supporting the extraordinary men, women, and children with Down syndrome.  Every day, they inspire us to live with great love, joy, and appreciation for our world and those who make it a truly unique and special place to live.  Life is precious, and it is our moral duty to protect and defend it.

Posted on October 10, 2018 5:34 PM

The Odd Couple

By Anne Fox - How can you not like the President for this?

At the formal swearing-in of Justice Kavanaugh, President Trump noted that Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley, was in the East Room audience at the White House along with his two daughters Liza and Margaret. In a message especially for his daughters, he called Kavanaugh “a man of decency, character, kindness, and courage.

You may like this picture from the swearing-in as much as I did.