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Posted on December 11, 2018 4:42 PM

Court Refuses to Hear Medicaid-Funding PP Case

By Anne Fox, President, MCFL


Do you notice people are hysterical about the Court's refusal to take cases where lower courts overturned state bans on Planned Parenthood funding? Many recent headlines claim that the Court has given Planned Parenthood a Constitutional right to be funded.

Much as we would like the Court to have taken these cases, let us keep perspective.  As Justice Thomas says in his balanced response, “But these cases are not about abortion rights.  They are about private rights of action under the Medicaid Act.  Resolving the question presented here would not even affect Planned Parenthood's ability to challenge the states' decisions; it concerns only the rights of individual Medicaid patients to bring their own suits.”

Rick Moran says at American Thinker:

"Thomas is clearly miffed... 

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Posted on December 07, 2018 3:02 PM

Jim Lyons --Always an Outspoken Advocate For Life

Jim Lyons has been an outspoken pro-life warrior for many, many years.  During the last eight years he has led the fight for life as a State Representative.  His wife, Bernie, is  a pregnancy resource center volunteer.  On behalf of the babies and people at the end of life, we at Mass Citizens are extremely grateful for Jim and Bernie and all their great work. 
As we all know, Jim is ending his service on Beacon Hill; but we know he will always work for those on the marginalized, the vulnerable, and those on the fringes of life.
We'd like to quote Jim's formal farewell here. He gave his speech to his fellow state representatives on December 4th. Always a gentleman, he proceeded to thank those he served with, name by name, and then went on to state his commitment to the unborn.
  "[An] issue, folks, that I’ve stood for every day in office is the pro-life principle. I fully understand that pro-life is not a popular position here on Beacon Hill, nor is it politically [an] advantage in the state at large. Despite knowing the political price that might be paid, I engaged consistently and steadfastly on working to advance — or at least make public — the pro-life agenda."

We love Jim, and his attitude. In his remarks, he kept a hearty sense of humor regarding himself, and an admirable seriousness about his work.  If you want to peruse his entire speech, you can find it covered by The New Boston Post here

May we be this kind of advocate! and may we get many more like Jim on Beacon Hill in years to come.

Posted on December 04, 2018 1:54 PM

Micro-Premie Blasts "Viability-Equals-Value" Myth

by C.J.Williams, Director of Community Engagement


"I don't think my baby is the miracle baby," she said. "I think they all are miracle babies. There is just no way around it. She is just Lyla."

If I could put it any more succinctly than Lyla's mother, I would. But the mom of barely 21-week old Lyla Stensrud has summed up the reality of a single human life's value in the way only a mother can. 

Every child is a miracle. What is shocking is that we have laws that allow abortionists to murder miracles daily in our nation. What is shocking is that we have based our respect for these vulnerable lives on the arbitrary line of post-birth ability to survive.


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Posted on December 03, 2018 3:37 PM

Kudos to The Herald for Abortion Myth Article

Re: Abortion myths by Laura Hollis

by Linda Thayer

My thanks to the Herald for having the courage to print Laura Hollis’ excellent piece exposing the many false arguments about abortion and the mischaracterizations of pro-life people. (“Planned Parenthood peddles abortion untruths,” Nov. 26). It is hard to understand in an age of ultrasound how anyone can deny our common humanity with the child in the womb. The unfair characterizations of pro-life people frequently found in the media make me wonder if any fair-minded journalists have ever had a conversation with the many volunteers who give their time to come to the aid of women with untimely pregnancies. The hallmark of a great society is the compassion it shows toward its most vulnerable members. Kudos again to the Herald.

Posted on December 02, 2018 2:35 PM

Abigail Adams & Equal Rights for All

We sometimes feature fellow organizations whose missions or activities align with the quest to guarantee respect for every human life. One of those organizations is The Abigail Adams Institute.

Our Chairman of the Board has said well that the AAI is an organization you truly should all know more about.

Based in Cambridge (14 Arrow Street, in the heart of Harvard), the Abigail Adams Institute is a scholarly enterprise presenting beautiful humanistic programs in very much the same liberal arts spirit as our  Lincoln Forum.

Abigail Adams deserves the namesake:

“I have sometimes been ready to think that the passion for Liberty cannot be Eaquelly [sic] Strong in the Breasts of those who have been accustomed to deprive their fellow Creatures of theirs. Of this I am certain that it is not founded upon that Generous and christian principal of doing to others as we would that others should do unto us.”


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Posted on November 30, 2018 5:20 PM

Seeing Our Responsibility For All

Responsible For All

By J. David Franks, Ph.D

[This is part of a blog series, entitled ReVitalize, and is a project of the MCFL Lincoln Forum's Certificate Program in Human Dignity. Curious about our next reads? Look out for the next post, or consider joining us in December, or January. More details on registration can be found here. This reflection is specifically Christian, but its reflection on the question of human dignity and solidarity as rooted in love is universal. ]


The moral danger in serving a noble cause is that we are tempted to become self-righteous. None of us who thirst for justice puts this danger behind us. Dostoevsky with supreme art shows us this predicament in those incomparable chapters from The Brothers Karamazov, "Rebellion" and "The Grand Inquisitor," both of which we will be exploring on December 1st, for the third session of the Social Ethics and Solidarity Certificate at Massachusetts Citizens for Life, which will also approach the question of the American experiment through the writings of John and Abigail Adams. What are the conditions for justice, for an ordered whole? Is not love always the ground? We will also meditate upon W. H. Auden's Horae Canonicae.
Dostoevsky shows through the Elder Zosima the humane (because divine) path to justice and universal reconciliation: love and joy and substitutionary suffering. If we see the suffering of children (so graphically recounted by Ivan Karamazov in "Rebellion"), if we pro-lifers see it, what is the true response: righteous fury, or an ever-greater love?
"Brothers, have no fear of men's sin. Love a man even in his sin, for that is the semblance of Divine Love and is the highest love on earth. Love all God's creation, the whole and every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God's light. Love the animals; love the plants; love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love."
To see the sense in this darkling realm, we must love. And love means encompassing that darkling realm, absorbing its ponderousness within ourselves, swallowing the darkness in the morning star that has dropped from heaven into our hearts. Only in the Cross of love do we attain to the wonder of cosmic harmony, so crucifixion and joy are inseparable.
"My friends, pray to God for gladness. Be glad as children, as the birds of heaven. And let not the sin of men confound you in your doings. Fear not that it will wear away your work and hinder its being accomplished. Do not say, 'Sin is mighty, wickedness is mighty, evil environment is mighty, and we are lonely and helpless, and evil environment is wearing us away and hindering our good work from being done.' Fly from that dejection, children! There is only one means of salvation, then: take yourself and make yourself responsible for all men's sins; that is the truth, you know, friends, for as soon as you sincerely make yourself responsible for everything and for all men, you will see at once that it is really so, and that you are to blame for everyone and for all things. But throwing your own indolence and impotence on others, you will end by sharing the pride of Satan and murmuring against God."
Total, radical solidarity is knowing that our responsibility for others is endless.

Come join in the discussion! #Revitalize our world with the tools of great literature, and the human relationships and respect they engender. We invite you to respond, or post your own reflections on social media, with the hashtag #Revitalize and #MassProLife.
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Posted on November 29, 2018 3:00 PM

Genetic Manipulation: Making Human Life a Commodity?

Today, The Ruth Institute, founded to aid those damaged and isolated by the sexual revolution's objectification of human lives, released this statement regarding the recent genetic manipulation experiment completed in China. 

“This is appalling,” Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, said. “Supposedly, the gene editing will make these twin girls resistant to the AIDS virus. Whether or not that’s true, it opens the door to all sorts of manipulation. Will gene-editing eventually be used to create a class of genetically-enhanced super humans?”

What about the long-range consequences? “Obviously, the changes are made without the consent of the subjects. The altered genes will be passed on to any offspring."

Quoted as well, is Chinese genetic scientist, He Jiankui...

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Posted on November 27, 2018 2:00 PM

Underappreciated Historical Gem Also Pro-Life Resource

by C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement

Massachusetts is a wealth of historical depth and opportunities. From Bunker Hill, to Lexington, from Walden Pond to the Old State House, we're steeped in a tradition that began with recognizing and fighting for individual human rights. Perhaps we who live in the Commonwealth too easily forget what our state offers in terms of memory. 

Perhaps we forget that memory is often what roots our feet in present action, and supports our current fight for the same rights.

One highly underappreciated gem in our state is the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony. A well-known feminist, and campaigner for equal rights, Susan B. Anthony is less well known for her just as fierce opposition to the creeping practice of abortion 

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Posted on November 25, 2018 1:11 PM

Hispanic Babies Dead Outnumber Migrant Caravan

If you've been following the story of the Hispanic migrant caravan, you know that nearly 7,000 human beings are now trapped between Mexico and the U.S. Controversy surrounds their treatment. Reports pour in of tear gas. Members of the government have labeled them an invasion. They are seeking a life -- and many may be losing their lives, labeled "undesirable" or "subhuman".

One fact that no news source is covering is that the abortion industry, targeting minorities, has killed nearly three times as many Hispanics in New York alone than the entire caravan combined. That's right. Targeted and killed.

Those seeking asylum near the Tijuana/California Border. (image courtesy Getty Images)

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Posted on November 21, 2018 10:27 AM

Turning Terms of Discord into Common Ground Harmony

Pro-Life Feminism and Overcoming the Abuse of Power

 by J. David Franks, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, MCFL

[This is part of a blog series, entitled ReVitalize, and is a project of the MCFL Lincoln Forum's Certificate Program in Human Dignity. Curious about our next reads? Look out for the next post, or consider joining us in December, or January. More details on registration can be found here ]

The well-being of women and the well-being of the unborn are inseparable concerns. Because of this fact, during the first session of the Social Ethics and Solidarity Certificate program, we looked at J. S. Mill’s The Subjection of Women(published in 1869) as one of our orienting texts.

Mill was grappling with legal and political impairments imposed upon women (denied the vote, barred from the professions and universities, compromised in their property rights) which have since been largely remedied. But he was also grappling with the social and intimate roots of these public impairments. And here the picture is very complicated indeed. Perhaps the greatest symptom of a persisting disorder in the relations of men and women is the epidemic of domestic abuse. (We discussed Judith Herman’s Trauma and Recovery during the second session as a natural sequel.)

Why address such questions in a pro-life course?

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