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MCFL Featured on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly: The ROE Act, Repeal, and Fighting for Life in 2021

With The Roe Act now law in Massachusetts, Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL president,  reflects on pro-life wins along the way, but also says there is a lot of work ahead.

EWTN's Catherine Haddro delves into why the ROE Act has been called the "infanticide act;" and looks ahead to plans by citizens to repeal an elitist legislature's override of Governor Baker's ROE veto.



View the entire episode online at EWTN Pro-Life Weekly.

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Your Year: A Pandemic with Pro-Life Highlights

While media beat out the horrors of 2020, the truth is, you made this year one incredibly action-packed year for life. Here are the pro-life highlights of last year. If you have any doubt about our ability to decrease violence, and make tremendous gains for life in 2021, just read what we managed during a global pandemic, and give yourself a hand. Because we could have done none of this, and saved none of these lives, without you.

Harvard Debate: Abortion is Immorral, featuring Stephanie Gray Connors & Peter Singer

Sponsoring the Harvard-based event, MCFL collaborated with members and the young Harvard Right to Life team to bring internationally acclaimed pro-life speaker, Stephanie Gray, and Yale philosopher, Dr. Peter Singer, to the virtual debating stage in October. The topic? Abortion. The debate drew accolades, reached nearly 1,000 during its live-stream, and has been viewed by hundreds if not thousands more since on our YouTube channel. If anything, the pandemic gave us a broader audience and a stronger reach! and we made the most of each digital-inch!

Watch the recording here.


First-Ever Virtual MCFL Annual Banquet, featuring Dr. Alveda King and Melissa Ohden

“It was fantastic!”

“What a wonderful presentation. My husband loved it!”

“Wonderful job. Very professional. I wanted to increase my donation after listening to Matt.”

“MCFL is in my heart. Thank you so much.”

“Congratulations on your first event. Seems as though everything went off wonderfully from our viewpoint.”

“A terrific fundraiser tonight!” 

"Hello from the Perfetti family! Thank you for your priceless efforts to end the abortion nightmare!"

"This event is so well done! A class act. I am giving the best and most that I can. Go MCFL!"

[ Cardinal Sean O'Malley ] "This is a team effort - the Church and society are blessed by all that you do and your faithful witness."

Hundreds joined our first-ever webinar banquet, and the outpouring of love and support left us speechless -- as did the presentations by Dr. Alveda King, and abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden!

You can still access the video recording here.

Hundreds Participated in a Social-Distanced Standout to Oppose ROE

Roses are worth thousands of words. From the beginning of our quest to challenge abortion violence and protect the lives of our most vulnerable from abortion or doctor-prescribed suicide, we have used a rose to give the voiceless a voice. You delivered hundreds of roses to the State House this year despite a global pandemic. You stood in pouring rain and beat off a bone-chilling Nor-easter to oppose the deadly "ROE" Act. If that isn't a highlight for an intensely challenging year, we don't know what is.


You gave a historic amount in the end-of-year campaign to keep MCFL going in 2021

A historic number of members donated during our end-of-year fundraising campaign, and we met and exceeded our goal of $30,000 in 5 days! Your selfless generosity has given us a tremendous boost for a life-saving and life-changing 2021 -- and there's no doubt about it, our state and nation need it!

Now go out and tell your friends to join you in saving lives and changing hearts this year. Just send them to JOIN 

This year we're headed to another historic moment: The goal of repealing the ROE Act!


You marched virtually to help raise awareness and funds in Massachusetts for life issues!

The member who raised the most in November to support our pro-life outreach! She also put in the 10k with her little one. That's going the distance!

Many members took the opportunity to walk or run virtually, committing to at least 10k during November, when COVID-restrictions made holding our annual march on the Boston Common impossible. They raised thousands of dollars for outreach to pregnant and parenting women in Massachusetts.



Some Global Pro-Life Highlights -- 2020 had these beautiful and strongly pro-life moments

Check out EWTN's Pro-Life Weekly, and their video highlight reel that includes moments like a baby being born safely within the amniotic sack when his mother was COVID-positive. 

Watch here or read the list here.


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Roll Call Vote Record of Senate/House ROE Act Veto Override




In a vote of 107 to 46  in the House and 32 to 8 in the Senate, the Massachusetts State legislature chose to override Governor Baker’s veto of H.5179, also known as the “R.O.E.” Act. In an elitist gesture that not only ignored the governor’s commonsense rejection of special interests items in a state budget bill, but also tens of thousands of their constituents vocal opposition, the legislature has sent a clear message to Massachusetts citizens: We work for the abortion lobby, not for you or the public health. 


You can download a printable PDF of the roll call voting record showing exactly how each lawmaker voted on this anti-life bill here. Or view the list below.


Our members have been using a variation on the below letter to email and/or call their lawmakers since the override vote.

You can look up your state representative or senator by clicking here and inputting your address.

Dear Senator/Representative...

I cannot express strongly enough how disappointed I am in your vote to override Governor Baker's veto of H5179. As you well know, Massachusetts has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation. This bill, underhandedly rammed through after the original, poorly-written ROE Act received so much opposition it could not clear committee, is simply an assault on our basic standards of healthcare, especially women's health, in the Commonwealth.

It expands abortion through all 40 weeks, endangering women's lives, and making possible the killing of living, breathing babies capable of feeling pain.  In addition, this legislation has been labelled the "Infanticide Act," because it permits doctors to deny life-saving medical care to a clearly living newborn infants born alive during an abortion. This is known as "passive infanticide." (Supporters of this legislation have been arguing that it requires life-saving equipment to be present at the place of the abortion. Although this is true, that is already required under current law. What is new, is that this legislation REMOVED the requirement for the doctor to USE the life-saving equipment to "take all reasonable steps... to preserve the life and health of the aborted child.")

At a time when we are taking extreme and unprecedented measures to preserve the lives of our fellow Bay Staters, what lead you to vote to radically increase the number of unborn children put to death in our Commonwealth through abortion?  Sustaining the veto, and the lives of our most vulnerable, would have been easy. Know that I, [name], will not be voting to sustain your tenure in our legislature next election.



[Name + Address]




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Have you received our emails?

Dear friends...

As supporters of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, you are boldly proclaiming the pro-life message and actively standing up for the unborn, women, the sick, and the elderly. We need everyone who calls themselves pro-life to join us in this fight. We are stronger together as one collective movement, which is why it would be careless of me not to ask if you can support MCFL one more time before 2020 ends.  (If you have not received our emails, please sign up for them now: .)

Can you spare $30 today to help MCFL achieve its $30,000 fundraising goal before midnight on New Year’s Eve?

You may be asking yourself, “Why does MCFL need $30,000?”, so let me tell you. After fighting the “R.O.E.” Act for two years, two things stood out:

  1. We must expand our educational efforts. When MCFL educates the public about the dangers of bills like the R.O.E. Act and other anti-life legislation, people are appalled. They oppose Massachusetts’ radical abortion laws, and they want to work with us. Coronavirus restrictions hindered our usual educational activity by preventing large gatherings. The pro-abortion legislators knew this when they voted in favor of the abortion law. They knew they could hide without having to meet face-to-face with their constituents and cowardly vote for the R.O.E. Act. So now, we are planning to offer new and more frequent educational opportunities in 2021; and 
  2. We must improve our grassroots performance. In 2020, we planned our most ambitious recruitment effort ever, but once again, coronavirus restrictions negatively impacted many of our scheduled events. Despite that disappointment, we still recruited more new supporters and activists than in the past ten years! Spurred on by that success, we are preparing an even more ambitious grassroots recruitment campaign for 2021, and we are hitting the ground running!

However, none of this comes without cost. The necessary work of transforming society for the better takes money. Since MCFL is 100% donor-funded, we rely on faithful and generous pro-life advocates, like you, to keep our life-saving mission alive. With just a fraction of the financial support that pro-abortion groups receive, MCFL’s strategic and frugal use of donor dollars allows us to continue to make a significant impact.

My fellow pro-life advocate --  can we count on you to make a sacrificial gift today to help MCFL reach its fundraising goal before 2020 ends? To join our life-saving mission, please make a gift using the secure link here:

Thank you for all you do for LIFE!


Patricia Stewart, Esq.
Executive Director

P.S. So far, 299 pro-life advocates have donated $20,242 to help MCFL reach it’s ambitious $30,000 end-of-year fundraising goal. Can we count on you to help us reach our goal? If so, click on this secure link here:

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BREAKING: Elitist Legislature Ignore Governor, Constituents, Ram Through "ROE"



Boston, MA -- December 29, 2020 -- In a vote of 107 to 46  in the House and 32 to 8 in the Senate, the Massachusetts State legislature chose to override Governor Baker’s veto of H.5179, also known as the “R.O.E.” Act. In an elitist gesture that not only ignored the governor’s commonsense rejection of special interests items in a state budget bill, but also tens of thousands of their constituents vocal opposition, the legislature has sent a clear message to Massachusetts citizens: We work for the abortion lobby, not for you or the public health. 

Myrna Maloney Flynn, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, issued the following statement: 

The ROE Act was introduced nearly two years ago. Every day since then, thousands of Massachusetts Citizens for Life members, who reside in every corner of our state, used their voices to speak for those who cannot. They learned the truth about this irresponsible and dangerous legislation and bravely spread that truth within their communities -- even during a pandemic. Almost as disheartening as this new law is the fact that legislators rammed this damaging bill through during Covid, inserting it into the state budget, knowing our opposition could not fight it in person due to quarantine restrictions.

So while we pause today to grieve for the many lives that will be severely damaged and lost as a result of the ROE Act, we anticipate, much as abolitionists did, the inevitability of a brighter tomorrow. 

Pro-lifers know setbacks. What we don't know how to do is give up, look the other way, and allow injustice to stand.

We know the truth is worth pursuing! We know the lives we work to protect are worth every minute of our time in this life. We know without a doubt that our supporters, by their advocacy over the last 24 months, changed minds and opened hearts, even our governor's. And we look forward to continuing our work alongside the citizens of Massachusetts, who already know the value of human life and are eager to educate and support others and to ultimately illuminate the inherent right to life of the unborn. 

As we have done since January 23, 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life will work tirelessly to make abortion unthinkable. And we will prevail.

At MCFL, we will continue to highlight the stories of women like Melissa Ohden, whose life would have been thrown away under “R.O.E.” Act provisions when she was born alive during a late-term abortion. We will continue to advocate for legal protection and medical support for babies like Hope Dupell and their mothers, who deserve physicians obligated by law to heal, not encouraged by laws like “R.O.E.” to discriminate against them because of a prenatal disability diagnosis. We will fight for women like Keisha Atkins, who lost her life to an extremist late-term abortion law in New Mexioc that prioritized “access” over safety. 

Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the Commonwealth's single solely dedicated pro-life human rights organization. Founded in 1973, MCFL continues to advocate for the most vulnerable citizens in the Bay State: the preborn and the elderly and disabled.

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Abortion Impacts Fathers

This is part of a series of stories, Massachusetts Speaks, in which mothers, fathers, and siblings report their personal losses from abortion. The below is written by a father who attended Boston College.


By Theo Purington III


In October of 2006, I found out I wa a father. My girlfriend of six months was pregnant with our child. Neither of us planned this pregnancy, or had even talked about the possibility of getting pregnant. That was about to become my biggest regret. Like I said, I wasn’t ready to have a child. She said she couldn’t go forward with the birth of a child and wanted to abort. She went to the nursing staff at Boston College a week or two after she found out she was pregnant.

The nurse at B.C. told her that she would be better off having an abortion, and told her where she could get one. I didn’t make a big deal of it at the time because I wanted her to stay calm and positive. I drove her to a crisis pregnancy center in Boston when she was 5 weeks pregnant, so that she could explore her options other than having an abortion. The women at the center set up a date for her to get an ultrasound so she could see her child. We went to get her first ultrasound when she was 5 weeks pregnant.

We weren’t able to see much at this point, but we did see the heartbeat of our child. The technologist said it was too early in the pregnancy to see our baby, and to come back in 2 1/2- 3 weeks. We came back three weeks later for another ultrasound, and that’s when we saw our baby. Our child was at eight weeks gestation, and he had fingers, toes, eyes, everything. I saw and heard my child’s heartbeat; and I cried.

It was an overwhelming and beautiful experience for me--until she looked over at me and said: “What are you crying about? Worms have heartbeats too.”

Her sister had offered to pay $500 for her to get an abortion. She insisted she was going to get the abortion, was planning to get one that weekend, and broke up with me right before.

I called the abortion clinic and asked what my rights were; they said “You don’t have any”.  I then asked them, “What do you do with the aborted babies? I want to bury my child.”

They told me that it wasn’t a child, it was a fetus, and to never call again or they would involve the police.  

My hands were tied. I, as a father had no legal right to protect my child from a death committed by a “doctor”. I called everyone imaginable to see what my rights were and I got the same answer: “nothing”.

The week before my child was aborted,  I went to try one more time to ask the mother of my child to not do this. But she was adamant about having an abortion, and told me to leave. So I then asked her if I could do one thing before I left, she told me that was fine. I then got on my knees and kissed the stomach of the mother of my child and said “I love you, and Daddy will see you in heaven.” I then took the ultrasound pictures and left.

The day my child was aborted was a very painful day for me. I was informed that my child had been aborted in the afternoon on December 2nd, 2006. It was the most painful experience I have ever been through. My relationship ended with the woman that I thought I was going to marry, and I lost my first child. I didn’t want to go on; I was in too much pain. I didn’t eat. I didn’t sleep. I had nightmares of my child being aborted. The day after my child was aborted, I went to see my pastor and he suggested that I have a memorial for my unborn child. I took his advice, and had one the following Sunday at his church. I had my parents and a few friends come. It was a short ceremony, but very painful. I never thought that my child would meet God before I did.

After that day things were still very painful. I still couldn’t sleep or eat, and thoughts of suicide filled my head every waking hour. I joined Bible studies, and post-abortion Bible studies as much as possible. Those were the only people that would understand.

There were times that I wouldn’t even receive support at church. A man is really not allowed to grieve the loss of his unborn baby. I was told things like: “Your child wasn’t even born, so get over it,”“It wasn’t a baby yet,” or even people saying “Your child deserved to die.” None of those things helped me heal and just put me in more of a state of depression.

That winter I was invited to a Right to Life march in Concord, NH. I thought it might be healing, so I went. While I was there, I met a man that ran crisis pregnancy centers in NYC. After speaking to him for awhile, he invited me down to NYC for the summer. I decided to go down and give it a shot.

On July 12th 2007, the day my child was supposed to be born, I went to NYC to serve God and help men and women in situations like I was in. While I was there, I counseled around 500 men and women, and through God, saved at least 100 lives from abortion. I continued to do this work in Manchester, NH by sidewalk counseling, counseling in centers, coordinated 40 Days for Life in New Hampshire, and started speaking to different Churches and events, sharing my testimony and how abortion affects men. I recently moved to Florida where I am doing the same work. Even though I never got to meet my child, and I miss my baby every single day, I know my child is now in the arms of Jesus and I will meet him and hold him in heaven.

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PRESS RELEASE: Baker Vetoes "ROE" Christmas Eve; Citizens to Call Reps to Sustain Veto


MCFL mobilized thousands of citizens across the state to call the governor's office from Thanksgiving onward. "He clearly heard the message," say members.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- December 28, 2020, Boston, MA -- Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL)  applauds Governor Baker's action on December 24, 2020, Christmas Eve, vetoing the heinously anti-life bill H.5179, also and previously known as An Act Removing Obstacles and Expanding Access to Abortion in MA.

"Kill the bill, not the baby!" said Fernando Limbo, a member based in Revere, "Even our pro-choice governor can see the harm in this bill, and thank God for this Christmas Eve gift protecting life."

H.5179, nearly the same as "R.O.E."'s earlier draft, still:

  • Allows underage girls to get abortions without their parents’ consent or even knowledge. (340 girls under the age of 18 had abortions in Massachusetts in 2019. Under this legislation their parents would no longer have the right to even know.)
  • Allows doctors to deny life-saving medical care to a clearly viable baby born alive during an abortion. This is known as “passive infanticide.”
  • Extends legal abortion all the way to 40 weeks for effectively any reason “to preserve the patient’s physical or mental health.” (emphasis added)

Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo, responded--utilizing his Christmas Eve to promise that the House would "override the veto."

“It is appalling that, on the eve of the birth of Christ, Speaker DeLeo would promise to ram through legislation that expands the killing of babies,” said Patricia Stewart, Esq., Executive Director of MCFL.

The original bill, H.3320/S.1209, languished in committee, unable to fight commonsense opposition by citizens on both sides of the party line. Representative Claire Cronin drafted an amendment to the annual state budget to underhandedly sneak the deadly bill into law before the new year.

Following her action, both House and Senate approved the bill; but Baker rejected it.

"We expect our lawmakers to listen both to their hearts -- and their constituents," said C.J. Williams, MCFL Director of Community Engagement, "This bill is about abortion, at any cost. It is about so-called access--even to the detriment of women's health. It is not pro-choice, it is not pro-life. Kill this bill, not our babies -- and not our women!"

Members and other citizens will be contacting their state representatives all this week with just that message. Kill the bill, not the baby. H.5179 was vetoed for good reason; and MCFL expects our lawmakers in Massachusetts to respect the lives of its citizens and the voices of their constituents.

Tell them Massachusetts MUST do better than the”R.O.E.” Act,” said MCFL President, Myrna Maloney Flynn, “For all of our citizens: Our women, our infants, and our daughters.”'


Easy-to-use list of state representatives here. You're the one they need to hear from -- tell them to kill the bill, not the baby, and to sustain the veto!

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Excited for 2020? So are we, and we need you to make 2021 full of life

Friends --

Are you as excited as I am to finally see 2020 coming to an end?

Without question, 2020 was one of the most difficult storms all of us have had to weather. But one thing is certain: we powered through those many challenges together.

This year showed us what matters most in life, and also that we really don’t know what may happen in the next month…or even next year.

 That is why I ask: Can count on you to give a generous year-end donation of $30 or more today so MCFL can keep fighting for the unborn and society’s most vulnerable as we head into 2021?

I know this may be a tough ask considering all that has happened this year, but because of you, we have a lot to be grateful for! Here are a few of the accomplishments you’ve made possible in 2020 because of your membership with MCFL:

  • We forged a new partnership with Tom Harvey, Esq. and his Alliance to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Together, in the months ahead, we will work to add a ballot initiative question to individual ballots in the coming years, in an effort to prevent your money from funding abortions in Massachusetts;

  • We recruited more activists and volunteers this year than any year prior, who dedicated their time and energy educating others on the dangers of the R.O.E. Act while also promoting a life-affirming message in their communities;

  • We engaged with every state legislator to educate him or her on the dangers of the R.O.E. Act. The result? A bill akin to those that sailed through states like New York and Virginia has yet to pass here in Massachusetts -- and has even been met with resistance by our governor -- due to your partnership with MCFL;

  • We partnered with students at Harvard Right to Life to host the first Annual Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson Symposium, where pro-life all-star Stephanie Gray Connors debated notorious abortion supporter Professor Peter Singer;

  • MCFL’s online educational materials appeared over 1.51 million times in Google searches, resulting in nearly 50,000 engagements, mostly with students doing research and requesting quotes and interviews with MCFL staff and leadership;

  • We held our first virtual event with abortion survivor Melissa Ohden and civil rights icon, Dr. Alveda King, bringing our events to the 21st century and reaching wider audiences;

We have a lot to be proud of in 2020, but we also have a LOT of work to do looking ahead to 2021.

First, it is blatantly obvious the pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL of Massachusetts are furious with us for the amount of pressure you and your fellow MCFL members put on legislators. Despite many of their deplorable votes in favor of the heinous R.O.E. Act, many legislators were made very uncomfortable and only did so because they were threatened with having the pro-abortion machine run someone against them in a future primary. Of course, that still is no excuse for voting in favor of irresponsible legislation that endangers the lives of our women, girls and infants!

Additionally, Governor Baker, who is a self-proclaimed “pro-choice” politician, vetoed the new abortion bill (H. 5179) on Christmas Eve. This only happened because of you and your fellow MCFL members calling and emailing his office relentlessly. Yet the House and Senate chose to override his veto. Our work is not done yet! 

As we look ahead to 2021 two things are perfectly clear:

  • We will be increasing our education efforts for students, the general public, and especially for legislators. We know our educational efforts are creating a more pro-life generation among the youth in our state. We saw a lot of people come over to our side when we explained the R.O.E. Act to them, and so we need to start re-educating the general public about the humanity of the unborn child and the horrors of abortion.

  • MCFL will be taking on our largest pro-life recruitment efforts in the organization’s history. We hope to identify thousands of new pro-life individuals in the state who can help us in our grassroots pro-life efforts. We cannot allow the pro-abortion lobby to continue to have the influence they do in our state anymore. We must counter their efforts with a strong and robust pro-life organization. MCFL is the only single-issue organization dedicated to the LIFE issue that can accomplish this.

In order to do this, we need to raise an additional $30,000 before midnight on December 31st. This is an ambitious goal, but if everyone receiving this email gave their most generous gift today, we would easily reach our goal -- and begin our work immediately.

Can I count on you now to make an end-of-year contribution to MCFL to help us end 2020 on an optimistic, hopeful, life-affirming note? If yes, use this link to make your generous gift now:

As the only single-issue pro-life organization in Massachusetts, we rely 100% on the generosity of our faithful members and donors to accomplish our pro-life mission.

All of us at Massachusetts Citizens for Life are ready to fight on your behalf, but we need your help. Please click here to make your end-of-year gift today. Thank you! I look forward to updating you on our ascent to $30,000 in the coming days. Together, we can do it!

Warmest regards,

Myrna Maloney Flynn

President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

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A letter from our community engagement director: Remind our lawmakers of this

Dear friends:

As you prepare to enjoy what will  hopefully be a Christmas blessed by family, renewal, and deep peace, I have an urgent request for a small part of your time.

We anticipate honoring new life this holiday, but we know that pro-abortion lawmakers have pushed through the former "R.O.E." Act  (now filed as H.5179) that debases and denies life to our preborn, and even just-born, infants.

Governor Baker may veto this bill! Please take a few moments this week to call a couple of the legislators on this list. Tell them you want them to sustain a veto.

Pull up the list of these legislators here and call today.

I cannot thank you enough for your selfless and unwavering action on behalf of preborn babies and their moms in our state this year.

Make these lawmakers  remember what this holiday means -- a chance to receive new life and hope. You can give them the information and the courage to stand up to a pro-abortion lobby as bitter as King Herod, and reject  the "R.O.E."' Act's deadly changes to our law.

More details on the "ROE" Act, as added to our state budget bill, here.

These provisions would deny Melissa life-saving medical care. Read on.

These provisions would endanger our women, just as they endangered -- and ultimately cost -- Keisha Atkins her life in New Mexico. Read on.

These provisions would pressure mom's like Joy Dupell to abortion her daughter, Hope, because of  prenatal "fatal fetal abnormality" diagnosis. Hope just celebrated her first birthday because ROE was not law, and she was not aborted. Read on.


Live joyfully and Merry Christmas!


C.J. Williams

MCFL Director of Community Engagement


Posted on December 21, 2020 9:26 AM

UPDATE: "ROE" Act VETOED by Baker; Senate Votes This Morning



Look up your senator at this link:


Governor Charlie Baker vetoed H.5179 on Christmas Eve

This week, it returned to the House of Representatives, where it originated. The House overrode the governor's veto. What we need you to do is email, call, and send social media messages to your state senator, and to at least two others on the list here  asking them to sustain the veto. While messages from constituents will make the largest impact, we need ALL Massachusetts citizens to continue to email and call their senators.


 --Thank you all who called the below representatives tirelessly this last week urging them to stand with courage for the lives our little ones and women.

We we will be providing a roll-call vote record when we have it, showing how your representatives voted on the veto. You can then choose to vote these men or women out of office. This is the original list, linked here. 

These men and women have committed to upholding the rights of our fellow citizens, and creating just and life-affirming laws. An elitist, out-of-touch legislature is not a just governing body; we look forward to removing the men and women from office who have not voted to protect life in our state.