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Our Newest Team Member: Sonja Morin, Intern

We're pleased to welcome Sonja Morin to the Massachusetts Citizens for Life team as our Communications Intern for 2020-2021.


Sonja Morin will serve as a Communications and Outreach Intern at Mass. Citizens for Life this upcoming year and into the next. Since her interest in the pro-life movement was piqued after seeing the March for the first time, she has not only become involved with MCFL activities, but is a current Stevens Fellow through Students for Life of America, and was recognized by the Diocese of Fall River for her work in the movement. Morin is currently in her senior year at a high school in southern Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys reading, films, writing, and spending time with her family.


Donate today to support our internship and educational scholarship fund. All donations made through this link go towards offering fair stipends for our interns, and additional support to our team in providing trainings and support.

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MCFL's Founding President, Roy Scarpato, Passes

A fountain in the neighbor’s yard babbles to itself, and the night air

Lifts the sound indoors. It was another time, he says, picking up again. 

We were pioneers. Will you fight to stay alive here, riding the earth

Toward God-knows-where? I think of Atlantis buried under ice, gone

One day from sight, the shore from which it rose now glacial and stark.

Our eyes adjust to the dark.

(from “My God, It’s Full of Stars” by Tracy K. Smith)

His children affirmed it: he loved the stars, and his mind sought the universe.

Another pro-life giant has passed. MCFL’s first president, Roy Scarpato, died, fittingly, on January 22nd, and he was laid to rest a week ago. He was one of our pillars. Roy’s devotion to the pro-life cause was essential in organizing the movement in the Commonwealth.

[The honor guard for Roy Scarpato’s funeral, suggested by Phil Moran, comprising key players from MCFL and PLLDF.]

Within four days of the January 22nd, 1973, pronouncement of Roe and Doe, nine citizens of the Commonwealth set their names down to incorporate Massachusetts Citizens for Life. Roy was one of those nine. The only one of those heroes still with us, Phil Moran, described Roy as the “voice of reason.” And indeed his incisive and capacious intellect fructified the movement for decades.

It was Roy’s idea to form one of our most important allied organizations, the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund. MCFL and PLLDF, along with the Catholic Church and a pro-life General Court (our legislature, led by Democrats), saw into law the current provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws governing abortion.

This first generation of pro-lifers sought to regulate the performance of abortion as closely as possible given the Supreme Court decisions, acknowledging that an “unborn child” is at stake, requiring parental consent when a minor girl is involved, requiring that late-term abortions be performed in hospitals (which is in fact still the standard of care: all late-term abortions involve induction and delivery, making their performance outside hospital settings irresponsible with regard to the health of the mother), requiring that a child who survives an abortion be cared for and that life-saving equipment be on hand, etc.

[This legacy of Roy and the other giants would be wiped away by the “ROE" Act, a bill name that is either cynical or massively uninformed, given that the laws it would erase are precisely laws that are congruent with Roe v. Wade.]

The monthly Friday night MCFL Board meetings were held for years in the family room of Roy and Anne Scarpato’s Wayland home. MCFL grew up along with the Scarpato children.

Also describing Roy as “the voice of reason,” the great Tom Harvey recalls later Board meetings: “Roy was a leader and his opinion was always respected. And he was also very resilient. He could take some shots, but he would always be back at the next meeting and expressing his opinion.” This willingness to engage vigorously and thoughtfully in deliberative assembly is an essential disposition for a citizen of a democratic republic. He was an exemplar.

Mike Wiseman, one of our longest-serving Directors and Clerk of the Corporation, testifies of Roy: “In him was a combination of high intelligence and fierce moral passion. He was a man of absolute rectitude who dedicated much of his life to the protection of ‘the least of our brethren.’ To oppose him in debate could be daunting due to the power of his intellect and force of his personality. Roy was as moral a man as I've ever met. A total gentleman. The world was graced with his presence. I'm sure he now has a high place in Heaven, where they won't let him slip out for a smoke as we did! God rest his soul!”

Roy was a predecessor in the roles we currently undertake, and we are eager to honor his memory, drawing from it increased energy to fulfill our commission in the supreme cause of life. Roy was a pioneer. We follow the trail he helped blaze, so that his heroic age will have an enduring after-life—under those watching stars. 

Eternal rest grant unto Roy, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.



Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President

David Franks, Ph.D., Chairman

C.J. Williams, Community Engagement Director

Join the cause

Donate to the movement for life

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From D.C. to you: Our March for Life Recap, 2020

Many Massachusetts marchers trekked to the capital on our 2-day stay itinerary, while others came blazing in Friday morning to march and head home that night.

This March for Life was historic in many ways. The momentum and power of the crowd held a peace and passion like no year before.The President of the United States even attended the event for the first time in its 47 year history.

We also had members drop everything to come last minute. If you can help some of these young people, please donate to our March for Life fund here

But check out highlights below!

Our Massachusetts Pre-March Meet Up Thursday night!

These are a few of the attendees. After reviewing action plans for permanently halting the anti-woman, abortion-promoting bill, the "ROE" Act before the committee's decision deadline on February 5th, the team headed to the longtime pro-life pub, The Dubliner.

(Make your pro-life voice heard and join the March for Life momentum by looking up your legislator here and jumpstarting our No-to-Roe Callbanks!)

Friday morning, our MCFL marchers met up with fellow members from other regions, and some who came down solo after checking our social media posts.

Let's bring this sign -- and its writer's creativity -- back to the Bay State!

Good grief! is right.

These sisters made the message that life empowers so "pro-life strong" -- they and drums must have rattled the clouds!

MCFL President Myrna Maloney Flynn spoke to Abby Johnson and then met with the president of the National March for Life, Jeanne Mancini, after an inspiring talk at the Annual Rose Dinner.

"Here's a role model for our daughters," Myrna commented afterwards. 

A peaceful, but passionate presence witnessing in front of the D.C. Planned Parenthood with Dr. Michael New. Hundreds gathered on Thursday morning -- another record breaker. You can see C.J. above Googling the nearest pregnancy resource center for a woman, and our Boston travel captain for the members who came down Wednesday, Steven, in our pro-life strong scarf!

Proud to be sporting these scarves. And this sign.

We also dropped by Sen. Elizabeth Warren's office. Her staff were very cordial, but wouldn't accept the gift of this scarf to replace her "Planned Parenthood" pink.

More than quarter million strong--pro-life strong--in Washington D.C. 

We know you would have been here if you could have been.

Thank you for supporting the MCFL Pro-Life Strong trip to the 47th Annual March for Life.

Get ready to pick up with us when our team gets back!

You can support the upcoming action with a gift to our work here.

Check if your town or region has a chapter here.

And join us for the MCFL Convention in March!


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2020 Holy Hours For Life, Massachusetts

Each year, our Catholic members and fellow pro-lifers put their principles into prayerful practice, and spend intentional prayer periods over the weekend nearest the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to witness to the value of the lives los to legal abortion. The witness engages our greater communities, and the prayer is made to end the injustice of abortion.

Please see the attached document here for a full list of parishes participating. We invite you to join the holy hour nearest you if you're Catholic or Christian.


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UPDATE: 2020 ROE Act Facts & Action!

In the upcoming few months, our legislators will be making a final decision on whether to send the "ROE" Act (S.1209/H.3320) on to a full vote. If voted on and passed, the "ROE" Act will remove parental notification for our young girls entering abortion clinics, legalize passive infanticide, and promote abortion access over our women's safety by removing the grueling 2-3 day late-term abortion procedure from a hospital setting.

You organized last year en masse and stalled this anti-life bill in committee. You arrived in droves on the day of the public hearing, demonstrating that Massachusetts Citizens, both pro-life and pro-choice, do not support promoting abortion access over women's safety, our daughter's safety, and the lives of infants born alive during botched procedures.

You amplified the story of Keisha Atkins, who lost her life to laws like "ROE", which are already on the books in New Mexico.

Members of our legislature heard you loud and clear during our non-stop Fall Call-a-Thons, where you told your lawmakers no to "ROE".

Take 2 minutes now and call or email your State Senator telling them NO on "ROE".

Please make use of our quick lobbying sheet, and share your deepest personal reason for opposing this dangerous bill.

Facts like Keisha Atkins' life, and death, show us exactly where "ROE" leads. It isn't a state for women or children. It is a state with reduced standards of medical care, reduced respect for vulnerable human lives, and reduced respect for women in challenging situations.

Let our lawmakers know today: No to "ROE" -- Massachusetts, we can do a lot better.


The "ROE" Act (S.1209/H.3320) is currently being deliberated on by our Joint Committee on the Judiciary. 

After your reach your State Senator, we encourage you to contact the Committee Chairs, whose information can be found below.

Rep. Claire Cronin -- (617) 722-2396 --

Rep. Michael Day -- (617) 722-2396 --

Email us to set up a local Pro-Life Call-A-Thon --

Schedule a local Info-Session at for your community, chapter, or parish and meet remotely during the lockdown:  Email CJ --

Share facts about S.1209/S.3320 (ROE) online with these memes --




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Massachusetts seeking to put abortion at the center of college campuses

By Dave Andrusko, National Right to Life


Writing for the Boston University News Service, Keminni Amanor reported Monday that “A new bill requiring public universities in Massachusetts to provide on-campus medication abortion” is currently “in hearings in the Joint Committee on Public Health until further notice.”

Interestingly, while the Joint Committee last discussed the bill on Sept. 10, bill sponsor Massachusetts state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa “said the conversation cannot yet be made public.”

“More than 100 public universities in Massachusetts will be affected by bill H3841, which will make it possible for students to receive pills in order to end a pregnancy at any campus health center,” according to Amanor .

The text of HB3841 itself does not currently list how late in pregnancy medication abortions could be performed, but Amanor quotes information from Planned Parenthood , saying “these pills can be given only if the woman is less than 10 weeks pregnant.”

The story is very sketchy but apparently the bill was introduced last January by Sabadosa. It largely mimics California’s new law which requires public universities to offer chemical abortion at on-campus student health centers.

“The bill is slightly different than the California legislation in that it does create a trust that would be used to fund the cost of the medication on campuses. It could certainly become a line item in the budget,” said Sabadosa.

This is not as straightforward as it sounds. “According to the bill,” Amanor explains, “the trust, a Public University Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund, will be created with money approved by the legislature, though it is unclear where this money will come from yet.”

As was the case in California, the argument for the requirement is access to abortion. “It’s easier for students to be able to access care if they can go on campus, they can get follow up therapy more easily and it just is a huge burden off a time that can already be stressful,” Sabadosa said.

This was not true in California—which is why pro-abortion Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill—and it isn’t true in Massachusetts. Director of Community Engagement at Massachusetts Citizens for Life, C. J. Williams said the bill is an unnecessary expansion of access to abortion at the detriment of safety.

“There’s nothing dangerous about a bus ride. There’s also the fact that in Massachusetts, we have health facilities nearby nearly any college center. I don’t know one campus that doesn’t have one that would provide a chemical abortion within five miles,” she said.

According to the story, “Williams also expressed frustration about how the bill limits the choices young people have when they are pregnant to just termination.”

“If you’re just putting an abortion facility in the middle of their college campus, our daughters are not getting the message that they have a choice. You want to give them options, not abortion,” Williams added.

J. David Franks, Board chairman at Massachusetts Citizens for Life, was also interviewed and said it is a “dangerous bill” for young women. “Facilitating this pop-a-pill mentality as if one can deal with the grave and long-reaching consequences of our reproductive biology, as if one can pop a pill or two and then have no problems. It’s just magical thinking,” Franks told the Boston University News Service.

No doubt to ward off additional questions about cost, Sabadosa told Amanor, “The legislation, however, only impacts public universities that already have health services on campus where they perform OB-GYN appointments, so it does not require universities to make upfront capital investment. It’s really the cost of the [abortifacient] medication



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BREAKING: Court Rules No Right to Assisted Suicide | Massachusetts

Suffolk Superior Court in Cambridge, Massachusetts ruled today that there is no constitutional right to doctor prescribed suicide in the state. The court rejected the argument that a doctor had an obligation to offer harmful drugs to terminally ill or suffering individuals if they requested it; it re-affirmed that prescribing deadly drugs would be legal manslaughter.

The ruling comes in a case brought to the court by Dr. Roger Kligler, a retired Cape Cod physician who has advanced prostate cancer, and Dr. Alan Steinbach, who owns a family practice in Falmouth, MA.

Although this is a common sense interpretation of laws in our state to protect human life, it is not necessarily a ruling that will impact the legislature's push, lead by the doctor prescribed suicide lobby, to promote medical professionals offering suicide before hospice or treatment. Especially in cases of illnesses complicated by mental health, doctor prescribed suicide directly discriminates against disabled, underprivileged, and elderly populations.

In the final ruling concluded that the issue is best dealt with by lawmakers in the State House, not decided by judges from the bench.

This means it is all the more critical that citizens contact their lawmakers, and express their full opposition to current suicide bills S.1208/H.1926.

Call the Joint Committee on Public Health

Chair: Sen. Jo Comerford

(617) 722-1532

24 Beacon St.
Room 413-C
Boston, MA, 02133

Vice Chair:  Sen. Nick Collins

(617) 722-1150

24 Beacon St.
Room 312-D
Boston, MA, 02133

The decision that the Massachusetts constitution does not include assisted suicide as a right is accurate and just. It's fantastic news.  Now you as a constituent can contact your lawmakers. Let them know you're glad the court has turned it over to you, and them, and ask them to oppose H.1926/S.1208.




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BREAKING: Brookline Abortuary to Shut Down?

The Boston Globe reported this week that Brookline abortion facility, "Women’s Health Services", is months from shutting down. The longtime abortuary, at which dedicated human rights advocates have sidewalk counseled for years, claims it isn't pulling in enough cash to continue terminating preborn children.

Said clinic director, Laurent “Lolly” Delli-Bovi, “We are at a crossroads. WHS will have to close within the next three months if we do not receive sustaining donor support.” The facility had requested a grant, but was turned down. 

This news comes alongside the release of Planned Parenthood's annual report, showing their supporters and donations have dropped precipitously.  The general public is more and more educated due to ultrasound technology, and breaking cases such as Keisha Atkins' in New Mexico have demonstrated the dangers of abortion procedures even to the women they're suppose to "help".

The Globe remarks that WHS provides cheaper abortions for women who can't afford hospital care (which means $700-$1,300). What it does not note is that a hospital provides safety and basic standards of medical care which WHS is under no regulation to provide. 

“My biggest concern is that if we close, there’s just this whole group of people that are not going to be able to either afford or access care,” said Delli-Bovi.

"My concern," said C.J. Williams, MCFL's director of community engagement, "Is that women are routinely told they need abortion. We used to be told we needed to stay homeneeded a husband to own property, needed to forgo the vote. This facility has supported oppression for years. To be told you need access to killing your own child ...that's utterly demeaning."

There are a lot of health needs in our state. Charging a woman $700 to perform a procedure that threatens her life, and takes the life of her child, is always one dramatic unprofitable act to all parties involved. Abortion disenfranchises an entire group of people. Because of WHS,  thousands will never access care; never afford any medical treatment; never even see the sunrise. Those are our unborn children. 

Pregnancy isn't a disability, and abortion is never a medical necessity. 

Brookline's abortion facility closing down just goes to show that Massachusetts citizens want an equality that offers women true healthcare, and treats their viable preborn children with the same respect. 

Massachusetts, this is progress.




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Resources and Guide: March for Life 2020

Are you joining us for the National March for Life this year in Washington D.C.? Don't be daunted by the trip, or the 3 day flurry of action -- jump in. Book your hotel with our steeply discounted group rate  (call 202-847-4444 and request "MCFL BLOCK"), and then use the March for Life resource guide to power you through every opportunity to empower the powerless unborn as you march.

We love that this trip planner features an easy map, showing you exactly where you are in the city. You can pinpoint our hotel near the Gallery Place Metro, the March for Life Convention and Expo, and the rally. Find the MCFL meet up point below.

As you can see, our hotel is right off the metro, and walking distance to the National Mall!

Our official MCFL meet-up before the March is right at the intersection of Constitution & 12th Street across from the Internal Revenue Service. We'll meet at approximately 12:30pm, as the rally tapers off and marchers begin to line up!


The guide also includes useful information regarding buses, metro cards, and other transportation questions once you're in D.C.

Finally, if you needed any more reason to attend, the trip guides spells out some of the not-to-be-missed opportunities to learn and grow as a U.S. citizen committed to ending abortion and protecting the preborn.


Download the guide and book your hotel today (202-847-444 - ask for "MCFL BLOCK").

You only get this kind of opportunity once per year. The nation is watching. The world is watching.

Words ain't nothing til you walk 'em.

And in D.C., we aren't just walking, we're marching.


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This Is What Pro-Life Strong Looks Like

By Myrna Maloney Flynn, President, MCFL



There must be a remedy even for such a crying evil as this. But where shall it be found . . .  if not in the complete enfranchisement and elevation of women?              

- Pro-Life Feminist & Suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Her name is Joy. She’s a young mother, veterinarian, and faith-filled. His name is Paul. A veterinarian like his wife, he proudly served our country with his fellow Marines in Afghanistan. Twelve weeks into their second pregnancy, doctors told them to abort, due to their unborn daughter’s life-threatening anomaly.  “No,” they said. “Let her live. We got this.” 

That’s pro-life strong. 

Also pro-life strong? Two Democrats who joined more than 200 Republicans this week to ask the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  

For another image of uncommon strength in the defense of human life just look in the mirror. 

Gifts from you and your neighbors to MCFL this holiday season were some of the most numerous—and generous—we’ve seen in years. And the intent of your showering support, evident by its force and singular aim of a firehose, was clear: expose the lies and save lives in 2020.      

Then, no sooner had the ball dropped in Times Square, did the national media remind everyone about a monster bill called “the ROE Act.” You don’t need to read between reporters’ lines to see the result of your “pro-life strong” record in 2019: 

NPR: “still in committee, and its ultimate fate is unclear.” 

The Washington Times: “bill has been stalled since a hearing the Senate Judiciary Committee in June.”

National Review: “governor . . . does not support the expansions to state law contained in this new bill.” 

Your calls to legislators, your presence at the rallies, your emails, and yes, your financial support—the steady pressure you applied like a compress on a life-threatening wound—proves to be the remedy Ms. Stanton longed to find for the crying evil that still exists 118 years after her death.  

It was Stanton and other early abortion opponents who inspired the theme for the 47th-annual National March for Life: Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.

Join Massachusetts Citizens for Life in D.C. later this month and receive a free pro-life strong scarf for the pilgrimage. (Senator Warren vows to wear a Planned Parenthood scarf to her inauguration. We think ours is the warmer option.)

The basics: 

  • MCFL is sponsoring three bus itineraries to the March from both west and east. 

  • To reserve western MA bus seats, email

  • Visit this page for a complete list of March-related activities and to make Newton bus reservations.

  • We’ve secured a group rate of $139/night at the POD DC Hotel. Call 202-847-4444 to reserve your hotel room; request the MCFL rate. Hotel room reservation deadline Friday, Jan. 10. You may make hotel reservations even if you're not riding our busses. 

  • Massachusetts pre-March meetup, with a bit of complimentary cheer, at the Marriott Marquis lounge on Thursday, Jan. 23, 5-8:00 PM

  • Questions? Email

If you’ve been to the March for Life, you well know the souvenir you bring home: inspired elation that sustains all year. If you have not experienced this event, prepare to witness the most passionately tender display of pro-life strong that only a half-million voices for the voiceless can demonstrate. 

Of course, we understand that making the trip to D.C. isn’t for everyone. Your steadfast support, your doing “pro-life strong” throughout 2019, allows MCFL to answer Stanton’s call here at home in 2020: to empower and elevate the women of Massachusetts. You’ll hear about the many ways you can join that elevation in the coming weeks. 

With deepest gratitude for all you have done for life,