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Op-Ed: Extreme Abortion Storms MA

by Myrna Maloney Flynn, Vice President, MCFL

Google “extreme abortion,” and you’ll find hundreds of stories written since January, when New York passed its Reproductive Health Act and, ever the trendsetter, led the rest of the country into what has indisputably become the year of abortion.

Progressive legislation followed in Virginia and Vermont, disheartening pro-life advocates, who watched life-devaluing initiatives increase in both number and speed down the slippery slope Roe vs. Wade established.

Concurrently, abortion rights supporters lament “extreme” laws recently passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri that drastically limit abortion.

Massachusetts hosts the next race to extremes, as legislators consider Senate bill 1209, the so-called “ROE Act” (Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access). Since our current abortion laws are among the nation’s most permissive, there is no adjective that better describes S.1209 than “extreme.”

A few of the bill’s irrational provisions: It eliminates the parental consent requirement. No adult (except perhaps an adult impregnator) need be involved before a pregnant 13-year-old walks into an abortion facility.

Myrna Maloney Flynn addressing the surge of pro-life marchers, June 2nd, highlighting the 

dangers of S.1209, and describing "love in action"...

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Mass. March For Life Puts "Love in Action" in Headlines!


media round-up

Check out the media hits on yesterday's Annual Mass March For Life!

With hundreds of registered marchers, sponsors, and participants, the 2019 March for Life drew counter-protest and television cameras with a lively lineup of speakers. The Boston Police Department estimated over 600 pro-lifers attended despite media reports of a "small, annual rally."

MCFL Vice President, Myrna Flynn, describes instances of "love in action" from the Bandstand as pro-abortion protesters shout over her.

"Love in action requires us to go out of our way," Myrna said in her remarks. 

The Globe was on site, and pushed out a report last night. Slant aside, they got the fact that 7 (pro-abortion) individuals were arrested for physically assaulting one of our speakers.

Sam, our second speaker, after having urine and slushy thrown on on him.

WBZ reported the violence as well. Watch it, filmed live: 7 Arrested During Massachusetts March for Life Rally.

Despite clashes, our marchers maintained an open attitude towards dialogue, and literally turned the other cheek. “Ironically when I tried to find common ground or start a conversation, it was men who blocked the dialogue,” noted MCFL’s director of community engagement, CJ Williams, who was shoved by two men considerably bigger than her upon beginning to set up the sound system. “While the irony made for an interesting story, we hope next year’s discussion will be more civil.”

With over 600 marchers this year, and a lively encounter with the public -- and the representatives of Planned Parenthood and NARAL -- this year's march is one for the history books. We can't thank all of you enough for your demonstration of this year's theme: Love in Action. 

Get ready for the next rally and the next call to action!  

You can support our continued campaign to end the violence of abortion in our Commonwealth by joining the movement here.

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MCFL Invites Pro-Abort Counter Protest to "Join Us on Common Ground"



MEDIA ADVISORY -- BOSTON, MA - 1 JUNE 2019 -- This Sunday, June 2nd, Mass Citizens for Life (MCFL) hosts the statewide March for Life on the Boston Common at 1pm. The fundraising walk and rally this year have been re-oriented towards opposition to the dangerous proposed bill, S.1209, which may be heard later this year by the Joint Committee on Public Health. MCFL has learned that pro-abortion activists are planning a counter-protest to occur at the same location as the rally, the Parkman Bandstand and has extended a good-faith invitation to participate in supporting the pro-feminist cause. 

"Instead of trying to yell over each other, why not join us to make your case," says C.J. Williams Director of Community Engagement for MCFL. "If we agree women should be safe and protected by law, we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition to eliminating protective measures for girls and women in Massachusetts--we all stand for the vulnerable and we should be on the same side today."

S.1209 removes regulations that require high-risk late-term abortions be performed in hospitals by physicians; and removes adult consent and supervision for 12 or 13-year-old girls entering abortion facilities, putting them at risk for abuse and sex trafficking.

As of this release, the invitation has not been answered.

Founded in 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the Commonwealth's largest and longest-serving pro-life organization.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life


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Massachusetts March For Life: Will you step out & put your love into action?

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s a challenge to actively be pro-life in Massachusetts. Particularly in Northampton, where I live, advocates for the preborn are few. Voices of abortion rights supporters drown out those of us who speak for the voiceless.

For many years, I responded with a relative non-response: silence born of intimidation. But gradually, my conscience awoke to the reality of the behavior that’s become “normal,” and smothered my fear.

Then I sprang into action born of love.

Love for women who get lies, when they most need support.

Love for fathers who never know, who are just as scared, or who buy the same lies.

Love for doctors whose sight fails them.

Love for politicians who trade lives for votes.

And aching love for innocent, lost members of our society, whose potential we will never know.

Meaningful action relieves the pain that abortion injects into our world.

Whereas sitting on the sidelines became increasingly uncomfortable for me, taking to the field energizes as no endorphin can do, especially when you play with a great team.

I know you love as I do.

So show your love in action. Join our team, advocate for the voiceless, and jump off the sidelines into a lifesaving game.

Join the Massachusetts March for Life this Sunday, June 2nd, on the Common at 1pm.  

Or donate to bring another into this freeing, life-saving demonstration.

This year’s theme: Love in Action.

Recruit friends, bring family, post photos with the #LoveInAction hashtag, and show others how to play the game—and win.

It may not be popular to be pro-life here. It may be esier to stay home and keep quiet. But to defend the lives and rights of our vulnerable citizens, whether preborn or born, requires us to listen to our conscience and actively, boldly love.

See you on the Common,

Myrna Maloney Flynn

Vice President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life


P.S. - Support MCFL’s continued efforts by making a gift for life.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MCFL Advocates To Hold Rally in Traditional Pro-Abortion Stronghold


Participants question logic, safety of extremist S.1209 abortion bill.

Contact: C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement, - 857-302-0466

Boston -- Tuesday, May 28, 2019 -- For the first time in its 46-year history, Boston-based Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) will hold a rally in Northampton, a Hampshire County city whose residents are widely known as some of the state’s most ardent supporters of abortion.

MCFL expects pro-life advocates from across the state to participate in the event, organized as an effort to raise awareness and opposition to Senate bill S.1209, the so-called “R.O.E. Act.” The rally will take place from 5:00-6:30 PM in downtown Northampton, at the intersection of Main and Pleasant Streets.

Advocates will peacefully and respectfully pose the following question: Senator Jo, do you know? State Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health Jo Comerford is expected to lead the upcoming hearing on S.1209. Senator Comerford, a first-term senator from Northampton, is known for genuinely valuing her constituents' feedback. Advocates will provide lots of it.

About S.1209

There is no word that better describes S.1209 than “extreme.” Some radical implications for Massachusetts residents, if the bill becomes law:

  • Elimination of the parental consent requirement. No adult (except perhaps an adult impregnator) need be involved before a pregnant 13-year-old walks into an abortion facility
  • Elimination of the requirement that abortions after the first trimester be performed in hospitals
  • Refusal of legal protection to a child who survives an abortion attempt

“There is no logical reason to support this bill, unless, of course, you’re in the abortion business,” said Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL Vice President. “As written, it does not help women; it endangers them. It does not protect our girls; it irresponsibly leaves them exposed. For infant girls, it means a worse fate. We will be responsible for these human rights assaults, since S.1209 also increases taxpayer funding of abortion.”

About Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Founded on January 23, 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the largest and longest-serving right-to-life organization in New England. In recognition of the fact that each human life is part of a continuum from conception to natural death, the mission of Massachusetts Citizens For Life, Inc. is to restore respect for human life and defend the right to life of all human beings, born and pre-born. We will influence public policy at the local, state and national levels through comprehensive educational, legislative, political and charitable activities.


# # #

Posted on May 27, 2019 12:24 PM

Women Lead Opposition to Abortion, Globe Features MCFL

Our team was interviewed by Boston Globe reporter, Deanna Pan. The article, focused on the women standing on the frontlines of the groundswell movement for authentic human rights in Massachusetts, spans the entire lifetime of MCFL.

Quoting longtime (now retired) board member, Fran Hogan, and reviewing the history of abortion in our state from the beginning, it closes on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood with our team.

Read it in its entirety here: For Women in Massachusetts...Dismantling Roe v. Wade.

Then join us and support our continued campaign for human rights in Massachusetts.

Women are leading this movement, because we know that an assault on one vulnerable class of human beings is an assault on every class of human beings.

And that's not progress.

“I think Roe v. Wade is going to be obsolete whether it’s overturned or not,” she said. “It’s against science; it’s against progress; it’s against human rights; it’s against women.”

Posted on May 23, 2019 12:23 PM

New Pro-Life Laws Sweep the Nation

By Bridget Fay, Board of Directors 
Two weeks ago, Georgia passed a landmark "Heartbeat Bill."  The law provides that an unborn child is a person once a heartbeat can be detected; in the words of the law, "[i]t shall be the policy of the State of Georgia to recognize unborn children as natural persons," and " [u]nborn child' means a member of the species Homo sapiens at any stage of development who is carried in the womb."  Such a person, therefore, is protected by the laws of Georgia. The law requires that a physician who is performing an abortion must first check for a fetal heartbeat; if such a heartbeat exists, the abortion cannot be performed absent a medical emergency, threat to the health of the mother, or rape.
Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey assert that a state does not have an interest in protecting unborn children before viability.  Georgia's law challenges Roe by providing an alternate point at which the state can protect preborn babies (i.e. the detection of a human heartbeat), which has the merits of being a clear indicator of human life, and being far more objective than the amorphous "viability" standard.  Roe's companion case, Doe v. Bolton, establishes a "health exception" for abortion, and absurdly broad contours for such an exception.  According to Doe, risks to both mental and physical health, even undiagnosable risks to mental health, are a justification for abortion. The result is that the "exception" overrides any limits a state may put on abortion.  The Heartbeat Bill squarely attacks that  intellectual dishonesty: it limits such an exception to the "substantial and irreversible physical impairment" of a pregnant woman's body.  That exception is clear, objective, and designed to balance the rights of pregnant women with the rights of their preborn children - exactly what Doe purports to do but obviously does not.
The Georgia law is revolutionary in both its recognition of unborn children as human beings and its confrontation of the culture of abortion.  It is not just a law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected; it is a law that expands child support to pregnant mothers.  It revises the child homicide laws so that parents may recover for the death of a reborn child, not just a child who has already been born.  It even changes the way Georgia handles taxes: expectant parents may list their preborn baby as a dependent minor.  The law provides protections for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who treat pregnant women for unrelated medical problems, if such treatment inadvertently causes a miscarriage.   
When pro-lifers talk about creating a "culture of life," we mean an overhaul of the thousands of ways that our culture and laws assume that preborn children aren't people, expectant mothers aren't quite yet mothers, and women will solve their problems via abortion.  Georgia's comprehensive attack on the evils of abortion is something that other states can emulate, and its comprehensive reformation of its laws highlight how pervasive abortion has become.
Posted on May 15, 2019 11:56 AM

How MA Senate Bill 1209 Attacks Women & Threatens Our Girls






S.1209/H.3320 REMOVES ADULT SUPERVISION by striking out section 12L (chp.122) in our General Law. This leaves our children prey to sexual predators, and sex trafficking. SEE S.1209 SECTION 12L.

(for further background, see the undercover journalistic investigations of abortion facilities refusing to report sex crimes:




S.1209/H.3320 STRIKES MEDICAL REGULATIONS THAT ENSURE THE HEALTH & SAFETY OF WOMEN SUBMITTING TO LATE-TERM ABORTIONS by removing section 12M (chp.112) in our General Law. A woman’s health is now less important -- and protected -- than the law’s commitment to promoting abortion at any time, for any reason. A procedure that is more likely to kill her (abortion) can be recommended before she is given prenatal care. SEE SECTION 12M in CURRENT LAW




S.1209/H.3320 STRIKES OUT REQUIREMENTS THAT DOCTORS PROVIDE LIFE-SAVING TREATMENT TO BORN INFANTS by striking section 12P (chp.112) in our General Law: [a physician must take] reasonable steps, both during and subsequent to the abortion, in keeping with good medical practice, consistent with the procedure being used, to preserve the life and health of the aborted child” if that child is born alive during the procedure. SEE SECTION 12P IN CURRENT LAW.

*(for research proving that babies without this protection are routinely killed, Canada’s CIHI provided a statistics sheet in reply to our query regarding their similar law &  infants born alive during abortion procedures::

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The Day of the Birth-Mother


This week, we celebrated The Day of the Birth Mom. It is vitally important that we highlight the courage of these unsung heroes. When you place a baby with another woman, I hear it breaks your heart. I also hear that it fills it like nothing else.

A girl we know recently described her decision to place her baby for adoption as, "The most amazing, heart-shattering gift I ever gave, and ever got."

But if she had called Planned Parenthood to ask for resources, all she would have received was a pitch for why her career in the military would be ruined by her unplanned child. Instead, she spoke with C.J., who affirmed her strength & referred her to adoption counselors.

Each mom demonstrates heroic courage. We all know at least one woman whose strength is inspiring.

But today, we're highlighting that unique courage of a mother who knows mothering her child means letting another woman raise her baby.

So today, and the remainder of this month, put your pro-life commitment into action, and put love in action by taking a moment to thank a birth-mother. Maybe the mom is yours. Maybe it's a mother you've read about on social media, like the girl above. But in a world that denies women's strength, & aggressively promotes killing their children before offering them the opportunity to give the gift of motherhood to another woman...just saying "You were a hero" will celebrate her heroism, and show other women the strength they have to make the same heroic decision.

Or maybe give a gift in her name today and support our outreach to those of real-life superheroes, the ones we don't see on the silver screen: Birth Moms.

Another amazing woman we've worked with in the past shared her full story with us in a previous blog post. Her unique courage took an option that looked like a loss, and made it the chance to expand her whole family through an open adoption. She and the adoptive mother have a relationship with P.J.

That's a double gift, in one way, isn't it? Giving your baby life and giving another woman the chance to mother, when she couldn't naturally.

JOIN the movement today, and put your love into action.

DONATE & become our partner as we put love into action for life each day in Massachusetts.

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Boston Globe Features Game-changing Pro-Life Film, UnPlanned

"But it wasn’t until September 2009 that Johnson actually saw for the first time what happens in the womb during an abortion. The experience radically changed her life. She quit Planned Parenthood and became a pro-life activist. Her extraordinary metamorphosis is portrayed in “Unplanned,” a compelling new movie starring Ashley Bratcher ."

So writes Jeff Jacoby in a recent op-ed for The Globe. Detached, but thoroughly honest, his article does something very similar to what UnPlanned does on the screen: looks directly at the people impacted by abortion, without flinching, and yet without judging either.

His  honest opinion of the game-changing film UNPLANNNED will be in print this week and is already online.

"Before it is anything else, the destruction of life in the womb is an act of violence against a helpless creature."

I encourage you to take this article and run with it. Share it and support The Globe, but more particularly, support Jeff, who has gone against the unspoken gag rule in our nation not to look at the victims of the killing of a human at his or her earliest stages.

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