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Love, Fight, Thrive: A Historic Event for Life

If you joined us last night for our first-ever virtual event, thank you for your participation and support. We were thrilled that hundreds of life advocates attended! And, based on feedback during and after our Annual Fundraising Banquet, our guests enjoyed being with us, too! Here’s a small sampling of the kind words our viewers shared:

“Great job tonight!”

“It was fantastic!”

“What a wonderful presentation. My husband loved it!”

“Wonderful job. Very professional. I wanted to increase my donation after listening to Matt.”

“MCFL is in my heart. Thank you so much.”

“Congratulations on your first event. Seems as though everything went off wonderfully from our viewpoint.”

“A terrific fundraiser tonight!” 

"Hello from the Perfetti family! Thank you for your priceless efforts to end the abortion nightmare!"

"This event is so well done! A class act. I am giving the best and most that I can. Go MCFL!"

[ Cardinal Sean O'Malley ] "This is a team effort - the Church and society are blessed by all that you do and your faithful witness."

My hardworking team and I are humbled by such glowing reviews. Shucks, we’re even blushing a little. Yet we’re not ready to pat ourselves on the back, turn off the lights and go home, because we are still $61,164 short of the $100,000 goal we need to raise by the end of this month.

Our faithful donors have stepped up, as they always do, and, as a result, we have raised nearly $40,000 so far. But as you heard during the event, or as you’ll learn when you watch it here, we cannot invest in the necessary resources to  accomplish our lifesaving mission within the Commonwealth unless that number jumps significantly. So, if you haven’t yet made a Banquet gift to Massachusetts Citizens for Life, I invite you to do so today. 

We packed a lot of stellar speakers into one hour. Each has a compelling story that will lift your spirits and remind you all over again why you partner with us in the fight for life and why each single gift makes a difference. 

The Pats don’t play until Sunday night. Saturday’s college football lineup? Meh. Red Sox-Yankees? No guarantees there, but I’m promising you a grand slam. So put your feet up this weekend and prepare to be wowed by the likes of Melissa Ohden, Dr. Alveda King, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, and many many other dynamic presenters, each of whom knows what it means to love, fight, thrive.


Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President


The MCFL Team

Please make your secure online donation here.

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Primary Report for 2020 - MA: Pro-Life Wins & Losses


Pro-Life Rep. John Rogers (D-12th Norfolk) won his primary challenge. MCFL rented its list of over 1,000 names in the district to Rogers’ campaign sharing the candidates’ positions on life.

Pro-Life Sen. Nick Collins (D-1st Suffolk) won primary election. He’s running unopposed in the general.

Pro-Life Rep. Paul Donato (D-35th Middlesex) won his primary challenge.



Pro-Life Republican Candidate, David Rosa, lost primary for 4th congressional seat to Republican Julie Hall* whose positions on life are unknown. He requested an endorsement weeks ago. We waited until the day before to announce. 

^Pro-Life Rep David M. Nangle (D-16th Middlesex) lost his primary to a Democrat who will run unopposed and whose positions on life are unknown.

^Nangle, indicted in February on more than two dozen federal fraud charges to which he has pleaded not guilty, has served in the House for 11 terms and was a member of Speaker Robert DeLeo’s leadership team until stepping down from that post after his arrest.

Pro-Life Democratic candidate, David K. Bartley, lost to Patricia Duffy* whose positions on life are unknown.

Pro-Life Republican candidate, Thomas F. Keyes, lost to Steve Xiarhos* for the 5th Barnstable District.  Xiarhos’ position on life is unknown

Pro-Life Republican candidate, Dan Allie, lost to Kelly Pease* for the 4th Hampden District.  Pease’s position on life is unknown



Pro-abortion Sen. James Welch (Hampden) lost is seat to Adam Gomez. Gomez filled out a progressive group’s questionnaire saying he would support the repeal of parental notification laws. Unknown on DPS so we should approach him to persuade him to vote against DPS instead of abortion issues.



Democrat Rob Consalvo will replace retiring Pro-Life Democrat, Rep. Angelo Scaccia, for the 14th Suffolk district. Find out if he is pro-life or not.



* Republican Julie Hall won Republican primary for 4th Congressional District. Her positions on life are unknown.

*Democrat Patricia Duffy won the 5th Hampden primary. Her positions on life are unknown.

*Republican Steve Xiarhos won the 5th Barnstable primary. His positions on life are unknown.

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Fundraising Banquet 2020: See Life Thrive

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:


A dictionary defines “thrive” to mean “progress toward or realization of a goal despite, or because of, circumstances.” For pro-lifers, the goal has always been the same – protecting and defending the lives of the unborn, the elderly, and disabled – the lives of society’s voiceless and weakest members whom the culture of death deems of little value.

For some, “thriving” has meant acquiring great wealth, power, or fame. For pro-lifers, however, these are not essential. For them, thriving consists in being an agent of lasting cultural change that safeguards the lives of strangers, most of whom they will never meet. It is in the simple act of living generously the life that God has given with a heart open to receiving life’s tangible and intangible blessings.

  • Pro-lifers, who pray outside abortion mills, thrive when even one baby is spared from abortion to become whoever she was meant to be. Pro-lifers, who advocate for patients’ rights, thrive when a family rejects today’s all too common medical practice of denying an elderly patient food and water to hasten the patient’s death. Pro-lifers who fight against doctor-prescribed suicide thrive when those, who promote suicide as a solution to aging or protracted illness, fail to enact their lethal legislation.  


  • Pro-lifers also see “thriving” as that trickle-down effect that produces opportunities, support, and community for the marginalized and potential victims of anti-life policies to achieve personal victories over adversity. An infant, who survives an attempted abortion because a pro-life nurse rescued her, thrives when she defeats the senseless evil of abortion and goes on to fulfill the promise of a life well-lived; a post-abortive woman thrives when, with the help and support of a pro-life organization, she conquers lifelong demons of guilt and regret to finally find her peace; and an elder thrives when a pro-life family or other pro-life support system values his life and welcomes him with compassion. Daughters and sons of immigrants thrive when pro-lifers welcome their parents, and promote just immigration policies.

None of these “life-victories” comes easily. They require the persistence and drive inherent to the human spirit and a mind set on a single objective – LIFE.  But the rewards are worth the struggles because a life  is priceless, and there is no greater good than that we support it to thrive. 

We invite our guests to THRIVE with us, sharing victories for LIFE. 

What does "thrive" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you see others thrive because of your pro-life action?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!


Can't attend? Your donation today can still help us reach our fundraising goal for 2020. Donate here.

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Cleft Lip Gives Boy and Dog Similarity, Not Disability

In this feature story on The Good News Network, a little boy born with a cleft lip finds a puppy with whom he shares something in common.

Who says a "disability" has to isolate or degrade you? 

At 2 years old, already with multiple surgeries under is belt for his cleft palate, Bentley had begun to show signs of feeling isolated and apart. But rather than a disability,  his challenge turned out to be the basis for an ability to find friendship when his dad discovered the puppy in the shelter born the same way.

When our society says a child is better off dead...

When our culture says a woman is better off with a dead child...

We don't have a woman or a child to fix:

We have a society, an attitude, and a culture to fix.

This story is a fantastic reminder that children with challenges and vulnerabilities aren't a problem, and don't need to be fixed. (In fact, what life doesn't have them to some degree?) 

Puppies, common ground, and love are a much better response.

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MCFL Fundraising Banquet Speaker: Cardinal Seán O'Malley


Former chairman for pro-life activities to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Seán's leads the Boston Archdiocese, and has been a vocal advocate for the vulnerable since his appointment.  When it comes to pro-life advocacy, he has stated in the past that, "Sadly, the government is not listening to the people."

Ordained at 26, and he became Bishop of Saint Thomas in 1985, working with the homeless and AIDS victims in the Virgin Islands and further building his reputation as hands-on pastor who worked with the poorest of the poor and got things done.

He moved to our Commonwealth, and the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1992. In 2003 he was the surprise choice of Pope John Paul II to be archbishop of Boston.

Cardinal Seán's motto, taken at his ordination, is the phrase QUODCUMQUE DIXERIT FACITE, which translates as “Do whatever He tells you.” The motto is taken from the Gospel of John, chapter 2, verse 5.

In addition to his anti-abortion advocacy, he has been consistently and compassionately pro-life when it comes to all marginalized human lives He founded El Pregonero, a Catholic Spanish-language newspaper. He joined us in fighting tirelessly against physician assisted suicide on each occasion that was brought to our legislature.

Hear him speak ONLINE on September 17, at 7:00PM. Register for the event here or by clicking the banner below.




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Fundraising Banquet 2020: How Life Fights

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:



The survivor of a botched abortion and an elder nearing her life’s end share a common bond: the innate human desire to live that sustains and moves all human beings to fight for the life given to them until its natural - not man-made - conclusion. Pro-lifers fight to support these “life-struggles” and the struggles of the men, women, and children whom architects of anti-life policies target for premature death.

Our weapons are not forged in iron, but they are more powerful and lasting. With our words, wisdom, and wits, we confound and defeat anti-life lies, condemning the empty promises of “easy” solutions to some of life’s greatest challenges: 

With our words we educate the public and lawmakers, converting minds and opening hearts to the universal truth that all life is sacred and worthy of protection and respect, and we pray for an end to the evil of abortion and the continued defeat of doctor-prescribed suicide laws; 

With wisdom we devise new strategies to oppose legislation and policies that would remove legal protections for the life of society’s most vulnerable members. We pro-actively file bills to educate legislators and their constituents to the value of every human life and the destructive effects of abortion and doctor-prescribed suicide (“DPS”) on society. By these efforts, we erode the irrational legal bases for abortion, expose the perversity of DPS, and protect future victims from these life-threatening plans; and

With our wits, we wage bloodless battles in the war against human life, unmasking the deceit of anti-life forces, exposing the lies and profit-seeking motives of Planned Parenthood and its kind, and challenging the false promise of suicide as a “treatment” for aging and illness at the end of life.

Our workers are peaceable but fervent in their resolve and resolute in their determination to continue the fight until it is needed no more.

We invite our guests to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this FIGHT for LIFE.

What does "fight" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you fight for the most vulnerable?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!

Can't attend? Your donation today can still help us reach our $100k fundraising goal for 2020. Donate here.

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Culture Column: Neither Safe, Nor Popular

Neither Safe, Nor Politic, Nor Popular: MLK and Selflessness

By Sonja Morin, Communications Intern

“’Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.”

These words were used to describe Aslan, the creator and king of Narnia, in the book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. They were used to emphasize the fact that, while there were no guarantees of comfort in following Aslan, there was the assurance that one would be morally right and secure in doing so. These words stuck out to me while studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s activism methods. Surely Dr. King would have agreed that these words could fit into choosing to adhere to a nonviolent movement. 

This brings us to our last and best quality of Dr. King’s activism: selflessness. Selflessness is the quality by which a person uses what they possess to aid a purpose greater than themselves. When someone finds a cause for which he or she is passionate, they are naturally moved to dedicate whatever they can to help. They may commit their talents - be it in the arts, in finances, in leadership, or in any other capacity - to help the cause in a creative way. They devote their time to thinking up and executing new ways to promote and forward their cause. Sometimes it is necessary for them to sacrifice a good, such as time or money. Individuals give of themselves to something more than themselves not because it serves them, but because they believe the ideals are worth what they give. 

Dr. King was certainly a model of selflessness. He traveled to cities and towns all over the United States for the purpose of civil rights. For decades, he devoted public actions, speeches, sermons, and  what little money he had for the good of the movement. Dr. King sacrificed his own good name - even in the eyes of the federal government and most of the country - to buy equality for his brother and sisters in the human race. In fact, MLK's approval rating overall during his time in action hovered around 32%. He risked his personal safety, often facing threats, beatings, and even arrests. Ultimately, he gave his own life. Looking back over sixty years later, it is easy to forget how radical his actions were during his time.

Pure selflessness made his actions radical and unpopular. Nothing he did offered him glory in his time, even among some of his peers. His choices, such as acts of civil disobedience, only left him turmoil, strain, and eventually death. But self-benefit was never the goal. Dr. King gave of himself so freely because he believed that human dignity was a cause worth fighting for, a cause worth all the sacrifices and strain. As he reflected, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right”. Activism is not a self-serving act, but rather one that is aligned with the cause of love for others. 

Our dedication to the pro-life movement must reflect this same kind of self-giving. We understand that we work for the cause of human dignity, which is worth all investment and love. We all have something we can give, be it a talent, what we do at work or at home, financial contributions, or even a voice to speak out against oppression. Consequently, we all have the capability to fight against injustices everywhere. This dedication does not mean ignoring our needs, or draining ourselves completely. After all, we cannot give the energy and attention that we do not possess or give to ourselves. Instead, it means understanding what we have, providing for what we need, and then using whatever else we have for the good of others. 

Dr. King was a radical model of selflessness, yet his dedication is something we can all imitate. May we keep his example in mind as we move forward, for the good of humanity and dignity. 

How can you give of yourself to protect the vulnerable among us? What talents do you have? What could you give?


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Fundraising Banquet 2020: Love Leads Life

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:

"Love:"   Love is the "without which nothing" of human existence. Pro-lifers give tirelessly to the cause of LIFE because they know that love is the answer to evil and pain. Love leads us to nurture both the survivor of a failed abortion and a suffering, post-abortive woman; to pray without ceasing, despite taunts and abuse, outside an abortion clinic; to exhort ill-informed legislators to reject laws that deny the sacredness of life; to march in the bitter cold every January – 500,000 strong –  bearing witness to the sanctity of life; and after a long, tiring day, to sit at the bedside of a seriously ill friend or to hold the hand of an elder as she approaches life's end.

Pro-lifers embody a love that the Greeks call “agape” – a love given without cost that seeks nothing in return.  It is a love ingrained in a pro-lifer’s soul. Though its value is beyond price, it cannot be bought or taken, only given away.  And when given, it has the power to transform human existence.

Those who give it experience the surpassing joy of selflessness; those who receive it know they have been touched by the divine.

We invite our guests to join the cause of LIFE with LOVE.


What does "love" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you let "love" lead?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!

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MCFL Fundraising Banquet Speaker: Gus Mendieta


Leader of Grupo Pro-Vida in Lawrence, MA, Gus Mendieta is a tireless advocate for the unborn and the disabled in Massachusetts. As an immigrant from Ecuador, he has first-hand experience of being part of a marginalized community. He moved to the Commonwealth with his family as a child. As an adult, he joined the army. He served honorably and went on to marry and have children; but it was his experience of their miscarriage that brought him fully and completely into a loving, fighting commitment to the pro-life movement.

He and his wife were sent to a clinic that performed abortions when their baby died. "I have always been against abortion but I became a pro-life fighter after my wife suffered a miscarriage," says Gus,  "The hospital sent us to another clinic (which does abortion) to have the baby removed. It was a traumatic experience ."

The grassroots action of individual citizens at the chapter, town, and city level are what ultimately change hearts and minds, and it is those hearts and minds that change culture and laws. Gus shows us what it means to start at the root. His love and advocacy for the disabled, of whom his son is one, is just another branch of his commitment to protecting human life.

Come hear him tell his story, and rally us for life in Massachusetts as gather ONLINE on September 17, at 7:00PM. Register for the ONLINE event here or by clicking the banner below.




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Presidential Election 2020: Which Mainstream Party Candidate is Pro-Life?

Where do the candidates stand on the right-to-life positions? 

On the eve of its 49th annual convention, the National Right to Life Committee, the federation of state right-to-life affiliates and local chapters, of which Massachusetts Citizens for Life is a state affiliate, endorsed pro-life President Donald Trump for his 2020 re-election.

On August 29th the MCFL Federal Political Action Committee, which is a separate entity from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, but dedicated to endorsing pro-life candidates, endorsed President Donald J. Trump on his reelection bid for President. 

Please note that Massachusetts Citizens for Life does not, and has never, endorsed candidates for any office due to certain regulations. It is our role to share information on the candidates running for office and where they stand on specific issues related to life.

This file does not include third party candidates.