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For 48 years Massachusetts Citizens for Life has been the leading pro-life organization dedicated solely to defending the right to life of society's most vulnerable - the unborn, their mothers, the sick, the elderly, and the dying. For 48 years, your MCFL team has tirelessly fought to amplify your pro-life voice through all four corners of the state. 

As millions of Massachusetts residents travel this summer, Massachusetts Citizens for Life strategically designed and erected a billboard along I-91 in Springfield which will be viewed by 500,000 travelers each week throughout the month of July. 

Our message is simple: She feels PAIN. Let her LIVE!

Next to these haunting words is a beautiful picture of an unborn baby at 20 weeks gestation in her mother's womb. 

Below it is a short-link to Massachusetts Citizens for Life's website, where individuals can learn more about the deplorable laws in Massachusetts that allow abortion up until the moment of birth. In Massachusetts, the unborn baby in the picture could legally have her life ended despite the fact that at 4 weeks, her brain and spinal cord have begun to form and the heart begins to form. At 8 weeks all her major organs and external body structures are present. At 20 weeks, it has been proven that unborn babies can feel pain (though the science suggests this is long before 20 weeks).

One thing we know for certain: she is fully human and our laws do not protect her right to life. It is up to you and me to protect both her and her mother from abortion.

Most individuals and voters are not taught fetal development, or worse, they choose to be naïve to justify their immoral pro-abortion positions. It is up to you and me to educate the general public about the humanity of the unborn while simultaneously exposing the radical abortion laws here in Massachusetts. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today to help Massachusetts Citizens for Life in our education efforts. If you sign up to make a monthly contribution, you will help us ensure our efforts are carried throughout the year and beyond. 

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