Biden Chooses Vice Presidential Running Mate: Kamala Harris

Democratic Presidential nominee, Joseph Biden, has selected his running mate -- and at the same time solidified his support of extreme abortion policy. His vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris, former attorney general of California, was announced August 11th.

Says MCFL President, Myrna Maloney Flynn, "Harris' addition to the ticket simply confirms what the Democratic party has recently attempted to deny: its modern platform promotes abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy. Polls continue to show that both our state and our nation reject abortion extremism."

"Harris has continued to advocate for policies that promote quick-fix abortion promotion over authentic respect and support for our women," says C.J. Williams, MCFL director of community engagement.  "Harris has put abortion even before her obligation as an attorney general to uphold first amendment rights to the point of raiding a citizen journalist's home who exposed Planned Parenthood's illegal trafficking of human body parts."

This is a blow to pro-life democrats, who historically have stood up for the vulnerable. A section of the party, headed by Kristen Day, has set up a petition to change the party platform. In the meantime, Biden has made it clear he doesn't want even the moderate pro-choice vote, let alone the votes of pro-lifers across the nation.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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