Banquet 2019: Stacey Dash & Keynote Update

Keynote Update: 

Massachusetts Citizens for Life condemns any form of violence against another person, including domestic violence. Last week, when I wrote to you about actress Stacey Dash, then scheduled to deliver the keynote address at our upcoming banquet, my colleagues and I were truly concerned about her wellbeing, since we knew she is a survivor of past domestic abuse. We also recognized the need to keep you, one of our ardent supporters, promptly informed of happenings that affect MCFL. 

As would be true for anyone in her situation, our primary intent was to ensure Ms. Dash’s safety. Then we wondered about the ethics of expecting a vulnerable person to appear before hundreds just weeks following a traumatic experience. And we asked ourselves if it was fair to expect Ms. Dash to speak on behalf of the unborn, when she and so many like her have found themselves without a voice. Yes, the banquet is our lifeblood for fundraising, but people are our first priority.

You have heard us frequently talk this year about Love in Action. How ironic that those of us who’ve repeated it met a challenge to consider what those words mean, especially when the stakes are high. At one point, despite knowing we’d be unlikely to replace Ms. Dash in such a short time frame, we all agreed that it would be in her best interests not to attend the event, because the value of a life is paramount. 

Since my last email, however, I’ve spoken with Dash’s team repeatedly. Ms. Dash was extremely grateful to all of you who wrote and shared your well wishes and prayers with her. Your words encouraged her, and she has expressed that she still wants to attend this year’s banquet to meet all of you and be our keynote speaker. 


Ms. Dash knows how important Dr. Mildred Jefferson is to each of us, and she wants to share her personal journey of portraying our pro-life heroine in the upcoming movie, Roe v. Wade

Through her manager, Dash said, "I've been fortunate to work on a variety of film projects in the past 25 years. But none of them provided an opportunity to tell the story of a legend. And, as any Massachusetts pro-lifer knows, Dr. Mildred Jefferson was indeed legendary. I'm honored to join MCFL on the 24th and look forward to sharing what I learned about Dr. Jefferson as I prepared to take on the role."  

We are so grateful to all of you for once again showing your support for society’s most vulnerable. I am equally thankful for your patience with us as we worked through this to ensure we proceed in a way that is best for Ms. Dash, for MCFL, and for you. I know that Stacey will do a phenomenal job, and I hope you will join us for what promises to be a memorable event. If you’ve yet to reserve your seat, I encourage you to do so today by clicking the following link:

Again, don't wait to reserve your seat here. We also still have opportunities for you to sponsor a table for one of the active pro-life students groups in Massachusetts if you so choose. Please simply reserve the table, and email us regarding your intent.

I look forward to celebrating Love in Action with you on October 24...


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