Balancing Act

People often ask how Dr. Bill Lawton (left) is doing so we are grateful to share Patsy's Journal entry.

By Patsy Lawton

It is amazing how the weeks fly by and how grateful we are to realize that Bill passed the one year mark since his diagnosis on June 23rd.  Each day with Bill on earth is truly a gift from God!  

Since the last journal update on June 4th, Bill has been on second-line FDA approved chemo drugs with more serious side effects.  Over the past 5 cycles (given every other week) Bill has experienced weight loss, GI challenges, more fatigue & weakness and one 4 day hospital.  After preaching low or no salt for his whole professional life, Bill needs to add salt due to very low blood pressures.  Each day since on the new chemo regiment, Bill is juggling the ideal balance of the GI track not moving too slowly or too fast and controlling the abdominal pain without feeling too tired, weak or sleepy.  We continue to appreciate the excellent medical care at UMass in Worcester & the guidance of Bill's oncologist.  The next CT scan is scheduled for the end of this month which will indicate the effectiveness of the current treatment.

We continue to be surrounded by loving, praying faithful friends and family bringing us joy, strength and courage.  During the past 6 weeks we've enjoyed wonderful visits with our son and family from KS (including grandsons from Chicago & Denver), our covenant friends & pastor from church, our good friend from Egypt, the Ryan family and daily visits with Jeanne, John, Anela & John.

Each day we are greeted by the beauty of God's creation with the wonders and sights of living on Lake Singletary.  Our special friend, the great heron, hangs out on our dock or raft.  We've both enjoyed boat rides and "swimming"/floating in the lake.  Daily delights include walks in the yard to see the beautiful flowers, check out the vegetable garden and see what the deer have been nibbling on overnight!   Bill has taken to heart the advice of his "big" sister, Jan, to focus on the good parts of each day.  We are reminded and thankful that "The faithful love of the Lord never ends.  His mercies never cease.  Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning."  Lamentations 3:22-23

Thanks for your great love & care and the many ways you keep in touch with us.
Hugs, Patsy & Bill

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