Baby-Saving Bucket Brigade


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Here is a beautiful picture! A missionary nun spoke at my church yesterday.  She told a story of the earthquake in Haiti. The orphanage building was shaking. No one paid any attention. The buildings were so flimsy they would shake when a truck drove by.

One of the sisters had experienced an earthquake in another country and recognized the signs. She organized a "bucket brigade". They lifted the babies from their cribs, passed them along from person to person, and laid them on the ground.

Just as they finished, the orphanage collapsed.  No one was hurt. The picture of those babies being passed along is so heartening! 

In some ways, our own pro-life work can be like that, saving one baby at a time, handing mother and child from person to person, from brave and dedicated sidewalk counselors outside abortion facilities across Massachusetts to pregnancy resource centers to those who organize rose drive and baby showers for these mothers. We all can do our part in the pro-life “bucket brigade” to save babies at risk, just like those sisters in Haiti.

Photo: Appalachia Rising/Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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