Threatening Package Sent to MCFL Offices


Boston, MA - 13 March 2019 - 9:00am - A strange package was received by the MCFL Operations Manager early today. It seemed to have been sent by MCFL to an incorrect address, and when opened, was found to contain a disfigured baby doll, with a woman's face pasted over its features. 


The police were called immediately. The package and the doll had released a sweet and chemical smell, but neither our Director of Community Engagement or the Operations Manager were taken to the hospital.

The office, and the entire building, were evacuated.

Police and EMS advised all staff to return home rather than return to the office, and go to their local E.R. if they experienced any symptoms or chest pain. Both the doll and package were sent for analysis.

In light of recent calls to action in opposition to The Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Access to Abortion Care (s1209), authorities were not surprised.

"Don't open any packages that aren't plain mail. If anything seems strange, call or contact the return address," the police investigator advised. "Call us immediately if anything else turns up."

Flatley management at The Schrafft Center also offered support and advised their security personnel to be extra-aware of incoming shipments or unfamiliar faces.


Support our work and our staff: Join the movement to provide protection for all of our citizens here or donate at our online portal here. Thank you for being the foundation that allows us to us saves lives in Massachusetts.

We ask kindly that you do not send any postal support at this time.

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