About Dr. Alveda King

About Dr. Alveda King:

Daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and his wife, Naomi Barber King, and niece of the iconic civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda has become one of the most eloquent and tenacious of advocates for the civil rights of the unborn. Currently,  Dr. King serves as Director of African American Outreach for Gospel of Life at Priests for Life, which is headed by Father Frank Pavone. She also consults with the Africa Humanitarian Christian Fellowship, founded by her mentor, Pastor Allen McNair of Believers' Bible Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is a former college professor, holding a Master of Arts degree in Business Management. Her undergraduate studies in journalism and sociology helped her to become a published author.  Her most popular works are her bestsellers, Sons Of Thunder: The King Family Legacy, and I Don't Want Your Man, I Want My Own. This inspirational collection of testimonies is used at conferences and workshops around the world.  Alveda's Doctorate of Law was conferred by Saint Anselm College. She has served on the boards and committees of numerous organizations, including the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Coalition Of African American Pastors, and the Judeo-Christian Coalition For Constitutional Restoration. She also served in the Georgia State House of Representatives and is an accomplished actress and songwriter.

During the years of the Civil Rights Movement, led by her Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Alveda's family home was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama in the heat of the struggle. "Daddy's house was bombed, then in Louisville, Kentucky, his church office was bombed. I was also jailed during the open housing movement," she recalls.  Alveda has continued her long-term work as a civil rights activist, speaking out on issues that face society today.  "I believe that School Choice is a pressing civil rights issue. Perhaps the most compelling issue of all, however, is the life of the unborn."