Taxpayer Funded Discrimination (Campaign Against Taxpayer Funded Abortion)

In Massachusetts, the killing of preborn people through abortion is publicly funded. This not only means the government is paying to kill its most vulnerable citizens, it also means you, as a citizen, have no choice about supporting deadly discrimination in our state.

Because this tax law infringes on your rights, and threatens the lives of our women and children, we have thrown our full support behind the Campaign to End Taxpayer Funded Abortion in MA. 

You can find the legal requirements involved in removing this insanity from our state constitution here.  In the meantime, join the campaign beginning this Fall to collect the signatures, the first step in the process of restoring our rights to pay for life, not death, in the Commonwealth.

Trainings will be scheduled for the upcoming month soon. 

Please email us with questions or to host your own.


We encourage you, however, to sign up to volunteer in the Fall regardless of whether you've attended an official training! Register to collect signatures: I'm in!


As always, your generous contributions to our work are what give our team the means to change hearts, laws, and minds -- and save lives -- in Massachusetts. Please consider donating today here to support our campaign.




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