Hispanic Babies Dead Outnumber Migrant Caravan

If you've been following the story of the Hispanic migrant caravan, you know that nearly 7,000 human beings are now trapped between Mexico and the U.S. Controversy surrounds their treatment. Reports pour in of tear gas. Members of the government have labeled them an invasion. They are seeking a life -- and many may be losing their lives, labeled "undesirable" or "subhuman".

One fact that no news source is covering is that the abortion industry, targeting minorities, has killed nearly three times as many Hispanics in New York alone than the entire caravan combined. That's right. Targeted and killed.

Those seeking asylum near the Tijuana/California Border. (image courtesy Getty Images)

In New York City, over 17,000 Hispanic babies were summarily exterminated by Planned Parenthood and other abortion business bigwigs in 2015. 

Abortion rates for Hispanic women in the U.S. remain about 1.5 times higher than rates for White women.

The lives of each and every one of the migrants on our border is invaluable. Their location, their ethnicity, their background -- none of this makes them any less human.

We are a nation whose heart has so often been for the vulnerable. This fact shows in our country's  legal obligation to hear asylum claims from migrants who have arrived in the US if they say they fear violence in their home countries.

As the BBC reports, international law also considers those fleeing violence in their home nation refugees, and an asylum seeker entering the US illegally is still entitled to a hearing of their claim.

Yet our preborn people have no recourse to any claim. No voice whatsoever. We have codified one area of our justice system not to protect the vulnerable, but to target and exterminate them.

As news blares migrant woes, we should examine whether we are applying our laws and principles of human dignity to the Hispanic asylum seekers at our border. As we do that, we should examine whether our laws in regard to our preborn people are actually just.

If a preborn child asked for asylum, would we give it under Roe v. Wade? After all, that child would certainly qualify as one "fleeing violence in in [his] home nation". 

And if we do welcome the human beings fleeing violence in South and Central America, do we only welcome them to a country where they can have their children wiped out at a rate higher than other ethnic populations?


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