Case on Abortionists Selling Human Body Parts Continues

by Terrisa Bukovinac
contributed to by C.J. Williams
Planned Parenthood sells human body parts from still-breathing infants. Investigative journalist, David Daleiden, proved it with his undercover work and videos.
Since then, PP has been rabidly pursuing him in court, and he faces almost life in prison if convicted.

Proceedings in the California's criminal case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt continue as prosecution tries to prove the investigative journalist was in the wrong, filming abortion providers who admit to selling human organs and body parts removed from still-living abortion children.
The past few days in court have revealed much about the character of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt’s accusers. When shown a copy of the contract between StemExpress and Planned Parenthood, the CEO of StemExpress refused to accept it as legitimate and wouldn't answer questions about it. And when shown on paper that the written testimony she gave in a separate case contradicted an answer she gave in front of Judge Hite, she charged David's lawyers with doctoring the document. That's one way to get around exposing your company or perjuring yourself: just accuse Congress's Select Panel on Infant Lives and defense attorneys of manipulating records. 

Special Agent Brian Cardwell, who was originally tasked with investigating the claims of illegal recording of the "does," admitted under oath that he never challenged or properly investigated the claims, even when many of these conversations were held in busy settings like hotel lobbies and elevators. There was a total stranger present in the elevator with Daleiden and Doe 4, yet that video still became a part of this court case! It was also revealed that Cardwell didn't watch the videos he seized from Daleiden's apartment in full, yet he signed off on an arrest affidavit that said he saw no evidence of criminality on the part of Planned Parenthood.  

When Daleiden took the stand on Friday his motives for recording these videos were made very clear. His work history with Live Action, and growing knowledge of the world of fetal experimentation, showed that his intent was to embark on a journalistic project and catch criminals on hidden camera. One of the catalysts for the creation of the Center for Medical Progress was a 20/20 news report from the year 2000 that Daleiden saw in 2010 regarding fetal tissue trafficking. He noted that there wasn't any serious follow up in the 10 year period between the broadcast of this news story and his first viewing of it. The defense team demonstrated that David acted on a reasonable belief that crimes were being committed. Even if a secretly recorded conversation is confidential, it's not a violation of the law if the purpose was to expose violent crimes. 
Daleiden will again take the stand today, September 16th,  where he will be cross-examined by the prosecution. This is going to be a pivotal moment for the demise of Planned Parenthood. We must shine a spotlight on this case and not miss the valuable opportunity to bring visibility to the gruesome reality of the practices of the abortion industry. 

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