Abortion Accounts for Most Deaths Worldwide

In 2018, we were confronted with three highly disturbing trends and one encouraging trend.

  • Abortion was the number one cause of death worldwide in 2018.
  • Obamacare is killing the poor and elderly.
  • A majority favor tinkering with DNA of preborn babies.



These are all major, major stories -- so big that I plan to cover one in each of the next few days.  Where to start?

Abortion was the number one cause of death worldwide in 2018, with almost 42 million children killed before birth, Worldometers reports.  (The American Library Association considers Worldometers,which keeps a running tally through the year of major world statistics including births and deaths, one of the best reference resources online. Worldometers records the total number of abortions in the world, based on the latest statistics published by the World Health Organization.  There were 41.9 million abortions worldwide during 2018.)

Globally, just under a quarter of all pregnancies (23 percent) were ended by abortion in 2018. For every 33 live births, ten infants were aborted.  

This means more deaths from abortion in 2018 than all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined.

According to Breitbart, "The staggering number of deaths from abortion, in fact, has led certain observers to call abortion 'the social justice cause of our time', since judging from the sheer magnitude of the problem other human rights issues pale in comparison."

You and I are working hard in our small part of the world to turn this statistic around.


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