Abortion is Hurting the Human Race


Massachusetts Citizens for Life’s Summer Academy brings pro-life high school students together for workshops and seminars that equip them to become pro-life ambassadors in their schools and communities. Part of the experience is learning to get up in public and speak about life issues and so we’ll be bringing you some of the speeches that the 2017 participants gave this summer.

By Eddie Flanagan

Many people think abortion is helping control the population. But the truth is we are not even close to being overpopulated. For example, every person in the world could live in the state of Texas and have one acre of land. If we added all the essentials, humans would probably take up only the United States, leaving plenty of room for growth into the rest of the world. Then in terms of the environment, the solution is that humans be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly. The solution is not trying to cut down our population. Thus, abortion is not helping the human race.

Not only is abortion not helping, but abortion is hurting the human race. Imagine if George Washington, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, or (even worse) Tom Brady had never been born. We would be in trouble. Abortion could be killing a hero of the future right now. The discoverer of a cure to cancer could have just been killed. The odds of a future hero being killed are high. One out of every five babies are aborted. There is a story of a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Mother Teresa. Hillary Clinton asked Mother Teresa, “Why do you think America has not had a female president yet?” Mother Teresa replied, “Because she has probably been aborted.” My point is made.

The solution to this is quite clear. America needs to stop helping women to abort their children and start helping women to raise their children.

Eddie is 15 and lives in Needham.

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  • Gerald Vinci
    commented 2017-09-09 20:37:05 -0400
    This young man has a bright future in rhetoric. He frames his thesis clearly and backs it up with facts. This kind of skill is in short supply these days. God has blessed him with a great skill. Use it well.