Abortion By TV Screen is Their Next Big Push


As abortion clinics close around the country—with some states down to one and some, even none—and as more and more doctors refusing to become abortionists, the pro-abortion crowd is looking for ways to keep this lucrative business alive. One way is of course through the dangerous abortion pill, but that still requires the presence of a doctor to prescribe the pill. So they’ve found a new solution: abortion prescription by telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the process by which a doctor can operate on a patient remotely via video and remote-controlled surgical machines. In some kinds of surgery, it’s an amazing advance because it allows more people to have access to the best specialists without having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles. However, abortion by telemedicine is a different story.

Many in the media have been touting a new study by University of California San Francisco that purports to say that telemedicine abortions are as safe as those done by doctors in clinics or hospitals. Of course, as we know, that’s hardly a high bar since abortion clinics are almost completely unregulated as medical facilities and that we see stories on a regular basis of women transported to hospitals for complications. 

The telemedicine abortion takes place with an technician performing an ultrasound on the mother (of course, the mother is never allowed to see the ultrasound image in order to keep her from seeing her baby) and then an abortionist conducts an interview of the woman via a television screen. After that, she’s given her pills. 

Despite the claims of safety, a number of doctors’ groups, including for example, the Iowa Board of Medicine, oppose the practice as it severs the doctor-patient relationship and turns the physician into a pill-dispensing machine.

Much of the news coverage of this new study uses words in the headlines like “safe” and “very safe”, but let’s be clear: The study found it to be “as safe as abortions done in the clinics,” which is to say not very safe at all. It’s 100% deadly for the babies and very dangerous for their mothers too.

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