Abortion and Coercion


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Abandonment and coercion. Those are the two words we hear from women who have had abortions. Here is another story featuring those words and telling us how abortion is horrible for a woman. It is very well-written and makes the sadness so real.

It seemed to be a foregone conclusion that I would have an abortion—everyone in whom I confided my situation presumed that’s what I would do. Not a single person asked me if I wanted my baby, or suggested adoption as an alternative. They spoke about “the abortion” as if it were a reality already in existence, a decision already made: When are you getting the abortion? I bet you can’t wait to have the abortion. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better after the abortion.

The way she describes how everyone kept pushing her and nagging her makes the claim that it’s all a woman’s choice ring hollow.

I felt like I was being swept away by a pro-abortion tide. Amid all of that pressure and in the center of all of those projected opinions, I never stopped to ask for one of the most important opinions of all—my own. In that echo chamber of voices telling me to kill my baby, my own voice was drowned out, and, at any rate, didn’t seem to carry much weight. After all, who was I? Like the Planned Parenthood nurse said, I was just a kid without any means of support. And how could literally every person I talked to be wrong?

And now, this young woman opens up heart to the crushing memory of her two abortions. Regret, she says, is too inadequate a word. 

We are told that those who favor legalized abortion are not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. But for many women who have had abortion, the truth is the path they walked was far from freely chosen.

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