Abortion Activism Earned Weinstein a Free Pass


Stephen Mendelsohn sent along three articles that give a good insight into how being pro-abortion covers many sins among the power elite.

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been exposed by the media as a creep who allegedly sexually abused women for decades in his role as head of a major entertainment company. He’s even been accused of rape by some women. What could possibly have allowed this to continue for so long, even as many industry people now admit they’d heard rumors or even knew about it?

Weinstein was a powerful member of the industry and so part might be explained by a desire not to damage one’s career by crossing him. But we’re also learning that Weinstein got a free pass, in part, because of his abortion activism. Daniel Greenfield, writing in Front Page Magazine, notes that despite his reputation, Weinstein was wined and dined by Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, and other pro-abortion organizations and candidates hoping for sizable donations.

At the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, honoring Hillary Clinton, the recently defeated candidate, drinks named “Toxic Masculinity” were being served. Also on the scene was Harvey Weinstein. And Harvey had his thick wallet open to the tune of $100K for the abortion organization. 

Harvey was sitting with Hillary. Not to mention Meryl Streep and Shonda Rimes.

The A-list celebs in attendance knew exactly what and who Harvey was. His habits were no secret. If you look carefully enough at certain TV shows and movies, they are referenced and winked at. (The FOX TV series Action depicted the Weinsteins as the predatory Rothsteins.) But his money was good. And his connections were even better. 

Radio host Rush Limbaugh expanded on Greenfield’s take:

“He was probably one of the largest financial backers and power brokers of the pro-abortion movement in this country, and that alone will buy you absolution of so many sins that you commit elsewhere, it’s impossible to list them,” Mr. Limbaugh continued. “But abortion is the sacrament. If you look at the American left and liberalism as a religion, abortion is the sacrament, and that’s the big test. If you do right on that issue, you are buying yourself all kinds of Get-Out-of-Jail-Free cards. And Harvey Weinstein was among not just the biggest donors, the biggest attendees at all of these different events and fundraising events all over the world. … It’s why Clinton gets a pass. Bill Clinton and others get a pass on everything they do is because when the rubber meets the road on the issue of abortion, they are 100 percent liberal pure.”

Greenfield identifies the reason why Weinstein became vulnerable was because his power and influence had begun to wane and so he was less useful to the politicians and liberal organizations, like PPFA. 

Meanwhile, politicians who accepted donations from Weinstein have begun to announce they will not return the donations to Weinstein, but redirect them to charities. Of course, pro-abortion groups like Emily’s List have said they will gladly take them. Because the one thing pro-abortion groups have shown is that they’re comfortable taking blood money. 

Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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