Abigail Adams & Equal Rights for All

We sometimes feature fellow organizations whose missions or activities align with the quest to guarantee respect for every human life. One of those organizations is The Abigail Adams Institute.

Our Chairman of the Board has said well that the AAI is an organization you truly should all know more about.

Based in Cambridge (14 Arrow Street, in the heart of Harvard), the Abigail Adams Institute is a scholarly enterprise presenting beautiful humanistic programs in very much the same liberal arts spirit as our  Lincoln Forum.

Abigail Adams deserves the namesake:

“I have sometimes been ready to think that the passion for Liberty cannot be Eaquelly [sic] Strong in the Breasts of those who have been accustomed to deprive their fellow Creatures of theirs. Of this I am certain that it is not founded upon that Generous and christian principal of doing to others as we would that others should do unto us.”


Thus Abigail Adams challenged slavery, as she challenged the political subjection of women.

This is the logic from which America rises, and which the pro-life movement pursues as the first civic responsibility: where the dignity of any human is denied, there liberty dies.

During the recent session of the Social Ethics and Solidarity Certificate, we had a vigorous and invigorating discussion based on  the Adamses correspondence, and Dostoyevsky's work. It was a pleasure to AAI's coordinator, Anne, with us. Our meditation upon Ivan Karamazov’s anguish before the suffering of children, as well as upon the partnership of John and Abigail, a love that continues to be a vital fountainhead of the American ideal, moved every one of us. This kind of reflection is more and more necessary to our culture,  as we are tempted to harden our hearts, and to leave republican responsibility behind. It is well supported by The Abigail Adams Institute.

We hope that you'll look both into our Lincoln Forum, and into the programs provided by the AAI, and use their grounding to become an ever more confident & passion advocate for "for Liberty" and life for your "fellow Creatures" who have been deprived of that basic human right.

Please join us Tues. December 11th for a collaborative workshop with the AAI.

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