4 Quick Steps to Starting Your MCFL Chapter

Start or jump-start your MCFL chapter this year with 4 QUICK STEPS. You are the advocate for the unborn, the marginalized, the vulnerable in our Commonwealth. Move your commitment into impact by creating a strong community of fellow advocates, receiving resources from our state office, and engaging in outreach & action.




  1. Lay the cornerstone for success: Your foundation is a 4-6 member board.
  2. Set a structure that keeps you on-point: Lay out 3 goals for your district, a meeting agenda for 6 months, and contact our state team to set-up your chapter bank acount (action@masscitizensforlife.org)
  3. Get the resources you need to reach out: Request speakers, human rights & abortion fact sheets specific to Massachusetts, our pro-life legislation breakdowns, and contacts with local PRC's and likeminded organizations.
  4. Finally, connect online: Set up your MCFL ADVOCATE CHAPTER social media accounts (using MCFL + Your District + ADVOCATES for each platform), and register with our Community Engagement Director by emailing C.J. - cj@masscitizensforlife.org


Want a chance to hash out the details in person? Our team will come to you. Email C.J. (cj@masscitizensforlife.org) and set a date for her to visit and set things up.

Questions? Email or call our office - we're always up to connect  voice-to-voice.


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