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  • signed Say NO to "R.O.E." (S.1209/H.3320) 2020-02-15 10:33:59 -0500
    My son was born extremely prematurely at 22 weeks. Although 22 weekers now have a 50-60% chance of survival in some parts of the country and the world, the OB and MFM team denied him a chance at life, and the MFM couldn’t even be bothered to come in, preventing any discussion of options on his behalf. Having held my little boy, I can say very clearly that he was a fully formed human being who should have been afforded some basic human rights. It has become clear to me part of the reason OBs refuse to help preemies is so they can continue to terminate later in pregnancy as it becomes more difficult to justify what amounts to infanticide when one acknowledges these preemies’ potential ability to live healthy productive lives. This bill has more than just consequences for abortion, it has consequences for the 5000 infants born in the US during the periviable period each year, many of whom are being denied a chance at life. Although I am largely a Democrat, I find the concept of infanticide as proposed appalling and strongly oppose this bill.

    Say NO to the ROE Act

    The ROE Act (S.1209/H.3320), also known as the "Infanticide Bill", is so horrific that even self-identified pro-"choice" advocates claim that the bill is too extreme. The bill was written to remove commonsense laws designed to protect mothers. In fact, states that ave removed such regulations have seen deaths like those of Keisha and Claire

    The ROE Act:

    • Removes protections for newborn babies who are born alive having survived a failed abortion (opening the door to infanticide);

    • Eliminates the requirement that a parent (or at least a judge) consent before a minor girl undergoes an abortion; putting them at risk of being abused by an adult;

    • Allows abortions of viable unborn babies to be performed outside of a hospital, endangering women;

    • Increases taxpayer funding of abortion, by diverting money from Healthy Start, a program intended to reduce infant mortality among the poor;

    • And eliminates all criminal penalties for the performance of any abortion—whether coerced, sex-selective, eugenic, incompetently executed, performed by a non-physician, inflicted on a victim of sex trafficking, statutory rape, or other sexual abuse, etc.

    Massachusetts women deserve better than the ROE Act! You can read a full analysis of this bill here


    Say no to extremism. Say NO to the ROE Act!


    Sign our petition below and contact your legislator to oppose the "R.O.E." Act.

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