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  • signed Say NO to "R.O.E." (S.1209/H.3320) 2019-03-15 15:45:36 -0400
    Ask any American and they will emphatically declare that they love and cherish their children. They instinctively put their own life in danger to rescue any child drowning, in a fire, car accident , whatever the circumstance without even stopping to weigh the consequence!

    WHY? Because at their very core they know that life is everything, children our future and it’s their job to protect them. With all the medical advances, it’s impossible to deny life begins at conception! Otherwise why do prospective parents eagerly await the first ultrasound of their child and proudly post it online, take such special care during pregnancy, and count the days until the birth? Or is this special treatment reserved only for the wanted child? The perfect child? What does that say about each one of us? If you were there to witness this affront to human nature ,their human nature, your human nature, you would stop it! Bury your head in the sand? Neither silence nor ignorance absolves you of guilt . Passage of the Roe Act is just wrong because it is inhuman! It is not we we are! Act now for innocence children! Act now for yourself!

    Say NO to the ROE Act

    The ROE Act (S.1209/H.3320), also known as the "Infanticide Bill", is so horrific that even self-identified pro-"choice" advocates claim that the bill is too extreme. The bill was written to remove commonsense laws designed to protect mothers. In fact, states that ave removed such regulations have seen deaths like those of Keisha and Claire

    The ROE Act:

    • Removes protections for newborn babies who are born alive having survived a failed abortion (opening the door to infanticide);

    • Eliminates the requirement that a parent (or at least a judge) consent before a minor girl undergoes an abortion; putting them at risk of being abused by an adult;

    • Allows abortions of viable unborn babies to be performed outside of a hospital, endangering women;

    • Increases taxpayer funding of abortion, by diverting money from Healthy Start, a program intended to reduce infant mortality among the poor;

    • And eliminates all criminal penalties for the performance of any abortion—whether coerced, sex-selective, eugenic, incompetently executed, performed by a non-physician, inflicted on a victim of sex trafficking, statutory rape, or other sexual abuse, etc.

    Massachusetts women deserve better than the ROE Act! You can read a full analysis of this bill here


    Say no to extremism. Say NO to the ROE Act!


    Sign our petition below and contact your legislator to oppose the "R.O.E." Act.

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