40 Days For Life to Continue in Fall Campaign

Join the Fall 2020 40 Days for Life Campaign.

The last two years, MCFL has partnered with and sponsored the multiple 40 Days for Life campaigns in Massachusetts. The national movement, whose call to action has brought countless women hope and thousands of peaceful witnesses to use their presence to protect the unborn, returns on this Fall. "COVID, of course, was a concern," said one local leader, "But we can be safe and still show up for the unborn."

Scheduled for Sept. 23 through Nov. 1, the twice annual pro-life campaign strives to protect unborn babies from abortion through peaceful vigils outside abortion facilities, community outreach, prayer and fasting.

This year, while our members gear up to stand out for the children at Boston, Worcester, Beverley, and Western Massachusetts locations, we're also providing training on how to witness during a pandemic. A few key practices our members will be paying special attention to this Fall are:

  • Social distancing. [ Keeping at least 6 feet distance between themselves and others ]
  • Masks. [ All vigil participants will be wearing masks to reduce exposure to airborne pathogens. ]
  • Signs, no literature. [ Instead, members will print local pregnancy help numbers large on their signs. ]
  • Digital media. [ Our members have made signs with lists of apps, such What to Expect ,  or Little One Pregnancy App, both  pregnancy tracking applications for iPhone or Android smartphones. The in-app ultrasound images provided by these apps have saved many lives. ]

Since it began in 2007, witnesses with 40 Days for Life have seen over 17,226 babies rescued from abortion and 107 abortion facilities close, with nearly 206 abortion workers quitting during the campaigns as well.

What is crucial to these campaigns is their foundation: 40 Days is community-based and compassion-focused. The grassroots, as Martin Luther King Jr. remarked, is the only foundation for social movement that builds lasting societal hope and change. Some ways members and witness continue to offer support to women and families is by throwing baby showers, holding diaper drives, and by both referring women in-need to safe community support (food banks, housing, etc) or by offering it themselves.

“It’s important to be there because it really can help the women realize that they don’t have to choose abortion, that there are other options that aren’t going to be so detrimental,” said one woman, Jaylyn Smith, who now leads campaigns in Utah. 

We could not agree more. Our culture is one that shouts out options! in every arena, from the supermarket to the Planned Parenthood clinic. But when it comes to offering women true equality and support to choose their health and the health of their child, it just has one word: Abortion.

With 40 Days for Life, we continue to demonstrate that health and healthcare include both mother and baby. We make a list of countless options, and just our presence will repeatedly show women like this one that there's hope -- we we're there to support her before, during, and after the birth of that baby.


Go to 40 Days for Life today and search for your town/city to sign up for the Fall vigil as an MCFL member!

Donate to support the MCFL 40 Days For Life team.

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