2020 Candidate Positions on Life Issues

This sheet provides a comprehensive map of how 2020 Massachusetts political candidates report their stance on abortion and doctor prescribed suicide.

Those who did not respond to MCFL's 2020 questionnaire, but whose records have been recorded by MCFL staff,
can be found below. You can download a printable PDF sheet of candidates' positions on life here.

Below are the candidates running for both the State Senate and State House of Representatives. Where there is more than one candidate running for office for the State Senate or State House of Representatives, the district's row appears highlighted in green.

Incumbents are denoted with an asterisk (*). Democrats appear in blue font. Republicans appear in red font. Other parties appear in black font.  

Please contact us if you have any questions, or more information regarding a candidate’s position. We encourage you to reach out to each candidate personally, especially where there is missing information, and ask that you share that information with us.

Corrections, questions, and any other needs may be addressed to [email protected]


Congressional Races

For a printable version of the Congressional races, please click here.

State Senate 

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State House of Representatives

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