Your Year: A Pandemic with Pro-Life Highlights

While media beat out the horrors of 2020, the truth is, you made this year one incredibly action-packed year for life. Here are the pro-life highlights of last year. If you have any doubt about our ability to decrease violence, and make tremendous gains for life in 2021, just read what we managed during a global pandemic, and give yourself a hand. Because we could have done none of this, and saved none of these lives, without you.

Harvard Debate: Abortion is Immorral, featuring Stephanie Gray Connors & Peter Singer

Sponsoring the Harvard-based event, MCFL collaborated with members and the young Harvard Right to Life team to bring internationally acclaimed pro-life speaker, Stephanie Gray, and Yale philosopher, Dr. Peter Singer, to the virtual debating stage in October. The topic? Abortion. The debate drew accolades, reached nearly 1,000 during its live-stream, and has been viewed by hundreds if not thousands more since on our YouTube channel. If anything, the pandemic gave us a broader audience and a stronger reach! and we made the most of each digital-inch!

Watch the recording here.


First-Ever Virtual MCFL Annual Banquet, featuring Dr. Alveda King and Melissa Ohden

“It was fantastic!”

“What a wonderful presentation. My husband loved it!”

“Wonderful job. Very professional. I wanted to increase my donation after listening to Matt.”

“MCFL is in my heart. Thank you so much.”

“Congratulations on your first event. Seems as though everything went off wonderfully from our viewpoint.”

“A terrific fundraiser tonight!” 

"Hello from the Perfetti family! Thank you for your priceless efforts to end the abortion nightmare!"

"This event is so well done! A class act. I am giving the best and most that I can. Go MCFL!"

[ Cardinal Sean O'Malley ] "This is a team effort - the Church and society are blessed by all that you do and your faithful witness."

Hundreds joined our first-ever webinar banquet, and the outpouring of love and support left us speechless -- as did the presentations by Dr. Alveda King, and abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden!

You can still access the video recording here.

Hundreds Participated in a Social-Distanced Standout to Oppose ROE

Roses are worth thousands of words. From the beginning of our quest to challenge abortion violence and protect the lives of our most vulnerable from abortion or doctor-prescribed suicide, we have used a rose to give the voiceless a voice. You delivered hundreds of roses to the State House this year despite a global pandemic. You stood in pouring rain and beat off a bone-chilling Nor-easter to oppose the deadly "ROE" Act. If that isn't a highlight for an intensely challenging year, we don't know what is.


You gave a historic amount in the end-of-year campaign to keep MCFL going in 2021

A historic number of members donated during our end-of-year fundraising campaign, and we met and exceeded our goal of $30,000 in 5 days! Your selfless generosity has given us a tremendous boost for a life-saving and life-changing 2021 -- and there's no doubt about it, our state and nation need it!

Now go out and tell your friends to join you in saving lives and changing hearts this year. Just send them to JOIN 

This year we're headed to another historic moment: The goal of repealing the ROE Act!


You marched virtually to help raise awareness and funds in Massachusetts for life issues!

The member who raised the most in November to support our pro-life outreach! She also put in the 10k with her little one. That's going the distance!

Many members took the opportunity to walk or run virtually, committing to at least 10k during November, when COVID-restrictions made holding our annual march on the Boston Common impossible. They raised thousands of dollars for outreach to pregnant and parenting women in Massachusetts.



Some Global Pro-Life Highlights -- 2020 had these beautiful and strongly pro-life moments

Check out EWTN's Pro-Life Weekly, and their video highlight reel that includes moments like a baby being born safely within the amniotic sack when his mother was COVID-positive. 

Watch here or read the list here.


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