Jim Lyons --Always an Outspoken Advocate For Life

Jim Lyons has been an outspoken pro-life warrior for many, many years.  During the last eight years he has led the fight for life as a State Representative.  His wife, Bernie, is  a pregnancy resource center volunteer.  On behalf of the babies and people at the end of life, we at Mass Citizens are extremely grateful for Jim and Bernie and all their great work. 
As we all know, Jim is ending his service on Beacon Hill; but we know he will always work for those on the marginalized, the vulnerable, and those on the fringes of life.
We'd like to quote Jim's formal farewell here. He gave his speech to his fellow state representatives on December 4th. Always a gentleman, he proceeded to thank those he served with, name by name, and then went on to state his commitment to the unborn.
  "[An] issue, folks, that I’ve stood for every day in office is the pro-life principle. I fully understand that pro-life is not a popular position here on Beacon Hill, nor is it politically [an] advantage in the state at large. Despite knowing the political price that might be paid, I engaged consistently and steadfastly on working to advance — or at least make public — the pro-life agenda."

We love Jim, and his attitude. In his remarks, he kept a hearty sense of humor regarding himself, and an admirable seriousness about his work.  If you want to peruse his entire speech, you can find it covered by The New Boston Post here

May we be this kind of advocate! and may we get many more like Jim on Beacon Hill in years to come.

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