2018 Massachusetts March for Life Baby Contest is Coming Soon


UPDATE: Voting is now open. Visit http://www.massmarchbabycontest.com and vote for your favorite baby today, until April 30.

The Massachusetts March for Life is coming this Father’s Day, June 17, and as we do each year we celebrate the March by holding the March Baby Contest, looking for an adorable baby to be the face of LIFE in Massachusetts for the next year.

The March Baby is the face of the March for Life, which will take place on Sunday, June 17, 2018, and reminds everyone why we work to bring about greater respect for Life. All of the March Babies are the best pro-life witnesses to the personhood and humanity of us all.

To enter the contest, please submit an electronic photo of your child who will be between 6 and 24 months of age as of April 16, 2018. By submitting the photo, you give permission to Massachusetts Citizens for Life to use the photo for the purposes of this contest and for other promotional materials related to MCFL’s work for life.

Email your photos to Domenico Bettinelli at [email protected] and enter “March Baby Contest” in the subject line. Photos should be at least 600 pixels wide, but if you use the “highest” setting in your email program, you should be fine.

Also be sure to include the baby’s name, your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address with your submission.

The deadline for submissions is April 16, 2018. Voting will begin after April 16 and will end on April 30. We will identify your baby only by first name (or first name and last initial in the case of multiple babies with the same first name).

We encourage you to forward this page to Facebook, Twitter, and via email to your friends and family with babies so that they may enter too. And then after April 15, you can ask all your friends and families to come back and vote for your baby. Good luck!

By submitting a photo to the March Baby contest, you are agreeing to the following: “I give permission for the enclosed photo to be used for the 2018 March Baby Contest and understand that it will become the property of Massachusetts Citizens for Life upon submission. MCFL reserves the right to edit, adapt, publish, and/or transfer the photo to third parties for any and all promotion of the 2018 March (for example, to give to a printer in order to print a poster or flyer). I hereby give permission for my child’s name to be used in any publication, including online publication, which MCFL deems appropriate.”


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